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  • Managua, Nicaragua


Major: Political Science

Age: 20

Career Goal: I would like to advocate for marginalized groups

City, Country, School: Managua, Nicaragua. I will not be studying with a specific school. I will be taking classes through the School for International Training (SIT). I will be studying with academics that are partnered with the following:

·      The Universidad Centroamericana (UCA)

·      The Centro de Estudios e Investigaciones sobre la Salud (CIES)

·      The Centro de Estudios Internacionales (CEI)

·      The Instituto Martin Luther King at the UPOLI

·      The Centro de Prevencion de la Violencia (CEPREV)

·      Former leaders in the Frente Sandinista de Liberación Nacional and the Resistencia Nicaragüense

Why did you choose this location? 

 The program I am studying with focuses on Revolution, Transformation, and Civil Society. I chose this program because of this concentration and the very focused, intentional classes studying the post-conflict transformation in Nicaragua. I love the Spanish language, and wanted a program that could challenge me to be fluent. Additionally, I am drawn to Nicaragua for it’s unique culture, landscape, and history. 

 What are you most excited to do while abroad?  

I am excited to simply be present in Nicaragua. To be present in the culture, with the people, learning from the community, and observing another way of life.

 What is your favorite item from home that you are bringing? 

Travels with Charley by John Steinbeck. The program has asked us to bring a book that is significant to us to discuss upon arrival, then to donate to the program’s library. This book is significant from the beautiful way Steinbeck depicts life in different areas throughout America and also a lesson in how to be a foreigner in a new community.


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