London Semester

London Semester students will take up to 16 units of course work selected from the list below, subject to enrollment. The courses will be principally taught by PLNU professors Dr. Ronda Winderl, Dr. Carl Winderl, Dr. Alan Hueth and a renowned London art historian.

Required Course

OCP 299 - British Experience
3 units    Team Taught

Other Courses

LIT 350 World Literature (Literary Masterpieces)
3 units   C. Winderl

LIT 200 - Literature and Culture (Literary Great Works)
2 units  C. Winderl

LIT 254 - British Writers I
3 units   C. Winderl

LIT/THE 490 - Drama/Theatre in Great Britain
3 units   R. Winderl

WRI 321 - Creative Writing
3 units    C. Winderl

THE 101 - Introduction to Theatre
2 units    R. Winderl

LIT 461 - Shakespeare
3 units   R. Winderl

ART 100 - Introduction to Art
2 units    N. Halliday