Connect with your fellow transfer student community at PLNU!

The Transfer Activities Group (TAG) exists to connect transfer students with each other as well as to develop a sense of community within this unique group of students at PLNU.


TAG provides incoming transfer students with a mentoring program to help with any questions academically or otherwise, and to assist in connecting students with the right ministries, clubs, or programs on campus. All mentors are former transfer students from a variety of majors and grades who are enthusiastic about connecting with transfer students and providing them with a seamless transfer to PLNU.

Additionally, TAG offers many social activities for transfer students past or present, who desire to make connections and lasting friendships. If you choose to be a part of TAG, you can guarantee that your transfer process will be smoother and less stressful, so take advantage of it! Look out for free or discounted events throughout the semester that you can attend on your own, with friends, or roommates that will really enhance your experience at PLNU.

The transferring process is different for everyone and that is why we want to provide transfer students with a resource to smooth out some of the potential rockiness. If you are not an incoming student, but would like to be connected with a mentor or if you are interested in becoming a mentor, please contact Tyler Axtell.

Tyler Axtell

Student Manager for Transfer Services



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