Here are some frequently asked questions. Need more information? Contact our office!

What are PLNU's requirements?

  • English Proficiency: Applicants whose native language is not English are required to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). A 550 paper based TOEFL or 216 computer based TOEFL is required. When taking the internet based TOEFL iBT, an 80 is required. For more information about TOEFL, go to: 
  • TOEFL scores must be no more than two years old at the time of application. PLNU does not admit students conditionally in order to learn English prior to beginning an academic program; an excellent command of written and spoken English is required prior to enrollment.
  • Recommendations: These come from people associated with you that will provide an evaluation of your character and your abilities.
  • Academic Records: This includes any high school and/or college transcripts. All documents must be translated into English and evaluated by an approved evaluation service before being sent to the Admissions Office.

What about financial support, immunization, and health insurance?

A Financial Statement of Affidavit of Support must be certified/notarized and submitted by your sponsor or bank indicating sufficient funds for your educational expenses, for one academic year at PLNU. Point Loma Nazarene University is a private university: the tuition is the same for U.S. residents and international students.
Proof of immunization: You must provide information showing immunization against rubella and rubeola, polio, mumps, and tuberculosis, as well as diptheria/tetnus within the last ten years.
Health insurance: If you do not have an American health insurance policy, you must purchase student insurance. This will be billed to you at the start of each semester. The insurance does not pay all medical expenses; however, it does include use of the Wellness Center Services.

Do you have an ESL program at PLNU?

We no longer have an ESL program at PLNU.

Is financial aid available?

Financial assistance is not available for international students.

Do you have on-campus housing?

Seven Residence Halls overlook the ocean. Rooms are available based on the date of receipt of the Housing Contract. Housing Contracts are available after the student has sent in a Confirmation Deposit.

What services are available to international students?

International Student Services helps international students adapt to the various challenges of university life including academic and social adjustments in a new culture.

Does PLNU have an International Club?

The International Club sponsors various exciting activities and events throughout the academic year. Membership is open to all students.

Is student employment available for international students?

PLNU has a Student Employment Office, which can help you find an on-campus job if one is needed. F-1 students are allowed to work on campus 20 hours a week during the academic year and 40 hours a week during university breaks such as: Christmas and summer. 

Is there an International Student Orientation?

International students who are new to the campus are required to attend the New Student Orientation. You will become acquainted with the Point Loma Nazarene University campus and learn about the "university culture" and the many services available to you. You will meet administrators, faculty, staff and key students. You will learn important information to make your life at PLNU more beneficial and enjoyable.

What about the application process?

If this is the place for you, and you can meet the requirements, we will send you more information and an application packet. Be sure to return all the information requested so PLNU can process your application.

When is the deadline for applying?

March 1st is the DEADLINE. File your application for admission to Point Loma postmarked by March 1st prior to the FALL semester you are applying for. Be sure all materials are submitted in a timely manner to ensure your application is processed.

What materials should I return in the application packet?

  • A formal application for admission completed and signed, along with a $50 application fee. *Applications received without the required fee will not be processed.
  • Pay in U.S. dollars in either a check drawn on a U.S. bank, a U.S. Postal Service Money Order, or an international money order. Make checks payable to "Point Loma Nazarene University". Do not send cash.
  • We require an official TOEFL score of 216 or higher (550 on the paper based TOEFL) or  an 80 score for the Internet-based (iBT) TOEFL.
  • If three years or more of your secondary education was in English, then you need to take the SAT instead.
  • Evaluated & Official transcripts of all post-secondary course work. Copies will not be accepted. You will need to send your foreign transcripts to be evaluated by an approved credential evaluation service and pay the required fee. Please request a course by course report.The following are some suggested evaluation services.You can contact them directly. PLNU is not responsible for evaluating foreign transcripts or coursework.
    • Academic Credentials Evaluation Institute, Inc. (
    • International Education Research Foundation Credentials Evaluations Service (
  • Official test scores of SAT/ACT (if taken)
  • Two recommendation letters
  • An original certified/notarized "Affidavit of Support"
  • The student must be prepared to pay all tuition and fees for the term as well as charges for living expenses (student housing) at the time of registration. PLNU is required by the U.S. Immigration Service and Customs Enforcement to obtain evidence that all applicants have adequate funds for their education and living expenses while studying at the University.


What happens after I send in my application?

After all documents are received and evaluated, the Director of International Students Services will determine if you qualify to attend PLNU. For questions call 619-849-2524 or email If you are accepted, you will be sent an "Offer of Acceptance Letter" and packet of information you need to return from the admissions department. You will be asked to send a non-refundable CONFIRMATION DEPOSIT of $425.

What happens after PLNU sends me an Offer of Acceptance?

  • Send the Confirmation Deposit ($425) immediately. Pay in U.S. dollars in either a check drawn on a U.S. bank, a U.S. Postal Service Money Order, or an international money order. Make checks payable to "Point Loma Nazarene University". You may also pay by credit card (VISA, Mastercard or AMEX). Do not send cash. If you pay by credit card, please contact the ISS Director, prior to proceeding with this action.
  • When the Admissions Office receives your Confirmation Deposit, a Housing Contract, Registration Profile and an Insurance Form will be sent which you need to return to the Admissions office as soon as possible.
  • Important note: If you do not return your Confirmation Deposit by the date specified, your acceptance may be cancelled and your place will be offered to another student on the waiting list. Don't let this happen to you.

When will I be sent my I-20?

Your I-20 (Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant (F-1) student) will be sent, after PLNU receives your confirmation deposit and final forms.This document will be sent to you by Lilia Davis, Director of International Student Services, Primary Designated School Official.

How do I get an F-1 visa?

You must apply for an F-1 visa at the American Embassy or American Consulate. Prospective students with “initial attendance” I-20s dated on or after 9/1/2004 who are applying for an “initial ” F-1 visa from outside the US, will pay a $ 200.00, SEVIS fee. The fee must be paid at least 3 business days prior to applying for your visa, or applying for admission at a US port-of-entry for those exempt from the visa requirement. For detailed information, please contact the American Embassy or American Consulate near your residence.