Sharing Your Story While Respecting Others'

A sense of belonging, acceptance, and support are keys to a positive, productive experience at PLNU. Therefore, it is the mission of Team Barnabas to reach out to freshmen (especially, though not solely, to ethnically diverse students who statistically face more challenges to a successful college experience) through:

  1. Building one-on-one mentor/mentee relationships
  2. Serving as a first-stop “Information Booth”
  3. Helping to problem solve, but realizing when it’s time to pass the issue along to a professional
  4. Connecting them with PLNU services, activities, and clubs
  5. Acting as sources of comfort and encouragement

This will serve to build positive experiences for the students, which will lead to increased retention, the building of community at PLNU, and lead to graduation from PLNU.

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