Nazarene Res Life Summit

May 27-30, 2014

The Nazarene Res Life Summit will gather together residential life professionals from Nazarene Universities to provide a space to exchange ideas and experiences, offer support, and grow in our understanding of best practices.  The goal of this time is to gain a better understanding of what it looks like to carry out residential life in a Nazarene context.   

Our hope is that each residential life team, through learning and playing, will draw closer together as they grow professionally.  More unified teams at each institution, and across Nazarene higher education, will ultimately encourage us to serve our students and campuses better.

We are excited to be host to Dr. Jeffrey Arnett, our Keynote Speaker. Click Here to learn more about his work with young adults and his theory of Emerging Adulthood.

We’ll also enjoy two evening sessions of worship and teaching. Our speaker for these evenings will be Dr. Dean Nelson, a respected author and PLNU professor of journalism. For more information about Dr. Nelson’s work and experience, Click Here

Deadline to register is April 23.