On behalf of the student body, it is my absolute joy to welcome you to Point Loma this year! We are so excited that you've made it, and have been praying and preparing for you as you get ready to make this transition. When you arrive you will find more than a university. You will find a vibrant community that will enfold you, challenge you, and change you. I cannot begin to tell you the ways in which this place, this community, has shaped me. I remember well the sense of anxiety and uncertainty I felt when I was in your shoes. We all arrive with our diverse interests, aspirations, potential majors, blurry or clear visions of future careers, and untapped potential. As we learn to do life together, we learn what it means to be part of a community that is focused on academics, serious about growth, and centered on loving God and loving others. I want to assure you as you prepare to come here, that this place has been eagerly waiting for you. Whatever brings you to PLNU, know that it is with great intentionality that God has placed you into this community. I look forward to sharing this college experience with you.


AJ Wolf
2013-14 Associated Student Body President


PS: Let's get coffee sometime! (949) 300-6758

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