Dear Incoming Students,

Welcome to PLNU! We are so excited that you are here. Get ready to meet some great people, learn a lot, grow a ton, and have an absolute blast while you are at it. I am going to tell you right now that this is a unique place and it is one to cherish. You will hear the phrase, “Loma Bubble,” quite frequently during your time here, and I want to encourage you not to be afraid of it, but to take full advantage of this small and safe community. Take these years and let them be years of preparation for the future--a time to learn what it means to be the person that God has specifically created you to be. Learn how to serve Him in love and in community with others. Learn how to do life in this new setting away from what is familiar. Rest in the knowledge that this place is filled with people who love and care about and have already been praying for you. We are glad you are here.

Talk to you soon,

Harrison Wise
ASB President


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