Co-Curricular Transcript

Your student involvement is an important part of your development while at PLNU.  Studies consistently show that students who are involved in campus activities are more successful academically and have better graduation rates. It is our desire that you are better able to identify points of involvement, and once involved you will have a better way to verify your participation.
There are many uses for your official Co-Curricular transcript.  They include:
·         Great source as a résumé starter.
·         Permanent university record.
·         Great for making your application and résumé stand out to potential employers.
·         Character and integrity of student stands out.
·         Great verification of accomplishments for Grad School applications.
·         Official record of on-campus jobs (shows the specific jobs held and the actual hours worked!).
·         Great addition to any portfolio (especially in the fields of social justice, education, etc.).


So please make sure your co-curricular transcript is up to date by reviewing and updating your transcript via your portal.  An e-mail will be sent out toward the end of each semester with instructions on how to do this. Please make sure that you update your involvements during that time. Here are the simple steps to do this:

·         On your PLNU portal home page, select co-curricular transcript under Records.
·         On the screen that appears, if you are a returning student, you may already have some involvements
·         At the bottom of this display screen select the box Add New Memberships.
·         On the next screen you will see eight different areas where involvements are listed.  Choose the
          heading that you would like to add (to add club involvement, click on the Clubs and Societies link).
·         An expanded choice list will appear where you will find and choose your activity.
·         Then choose your level of involvement (whether an officer or a member).
·         Then click on Save Changes at the bottom of this screen.


When you go back to your transcript it will show the involvement you have listed with the initials SR following it (Self Reported).  Your advisor will receive notice that you have listed this involvement and will then approve your membership for the transcript.  At the point of approval, the SR will no longer show on your transcript.

Whenever you need this information you may simply click on the link to display as a PDF and the official full color form will display for printing and your permanent records.  Follow these directions to print out your transcript:
  1. Login to
  2. Select the Student Tab
  3. Under the Records section select "Co-Curricular Transcript"
  4. Press the Link below "Print PDF"
  5. It will request for credentials. You will use their username and password. Make sure that your username is all lowercase.


If you need further assistance, please e-mail the co-curricular transcript office at or call Karen Brummat at 619-849-2484.