Academic Standing

Normal Progress

At the conclusion of the fall and spring semesters, the academic progress of all undergraduate students is reviewed by the Vice Provost for Academic Administration. Those who maintain the minimum required grade-point average are in satisfactory scholastic standing and as such are making progress toward a degree. To remain free of academic probation, students must earn a minimum cumulative 2.000 grade-point average. During their first semester of academic work, first-time freshmen must earn at least a 1.800 GPA, regardless of the number of units taken, to remain in good standing.

Unsatisfactory Progress

Point Loma takes seriously a student’s inability to make satisfactory progress toward the goal of a degree. The university works with students placed on academic probation to create links between them, faculty advisors, the Office of Student Development, and other support programs. Policies concerning students on academic probation are administered by the Vice Provost for Academic Administration.

Note: Students who receive federal, state, or veterans aid must meet certain qualitative and quantitative standards of academic progress. As a result, it may be possible for a student to be on academic probation at the university but be ineligible for federal, state and veterans aid. Additional information on PLNU’s financial aid satisfactory progress policy is available in the PLNU Student Financial Services Office.

Academic Probation Alert

Students whose cumulative GPA meets the minimum standard for academic good standing, but whose session GPA for any one semester falls below 2.000, are placed on alert status. While not technically on academic probation, these students are under the supervision of the Office of the Vice Provost for Academic Administration and are limited to a total of 13 units during the probationary alert period.

Academic Probation

Students whose cumulative GPA falls below minimum standards are placed on Academic Probation. Students on probation are required to carry no more than 13 units (a total of 9 in the summer). Probationary students who fail to earn a 2.000 session GPA the following semester may be disqualified from continuing at the university.  A first semester GPA below minimum standard for a non-transfer student would count toward calculation of probation but would not count toward calculation of disqualification.

Students being readmitted to the university after a disqualification or a voluntary withdrawal while on probation or probation alert will be readmitted under probation regardless of their cumulative GPA in order to allow for monitoring of the student’s progress.

Continuance on Academic Probation

Students who are on probation and earn at least a 2.000 during the current session, but whose cumulative GPA is below 2.000, may be continued on academic probation. These students are under the supervision of the Office of the Vice Provost for Academic Administration.

Academic Disqualification

Students who are disqualified to continue at the university may not apply for re-admission until after at least one regular semester (summer is not considered a regular semester). In order to be considered for re-admission, they must file an official transcript showing a GPA of 2.000 or higher.