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How may we lead our congregations toward a deeper, more profoundly transforming encouter with God through Christ in the power of the Spirit? We will engage in Scripture reading, prayer, and theological conversation together in attempting to learn from the ministry and message of John Wesley, and some of today's leading interpreters of Wesley, to help us address this critical question. In that light, we'll explore such questions as:

  • What is the nature of authentic encounter with God?
  • What does it mean practically to teach and to live the biblical proclamation that "God is love"?
  • What is the role of the sacraments in faithful Wesleyan ministry?
  • How do the worship, preaching, and spiritual formation that occur in our churches relate us faithfully to the vast world of God's creation beyond church walls?


Dr. Michael Lodahl, Professor of Theology, PLNU
Rev. Julie Best, Ph.D. Candidate, Fuller Theological Seminary
Dr. Mark Mann, Director of the Wesleyan Center, PLNU
Dr. Sam Powell, Professor of Philosophy & Religion, PLNU

Early Bird Registration: $79 (Registrations received before or on July 29th)
General Registration: $99 (Registrations received after July 29th)

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Questions? Please contact Nikki Botts at or (619) 849-2410. 

Smee Hall- Room 100
Center for Pastoral Leadership
Latter Hall, 102
Center for Teaching & Learning
Meet in Brown Chapel and shuttle to Residence Halls
Center for Teaching & Learning