Wednesdays // 9:30 p.m. // Brown Chapel
In addition to the Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning Chapel offerings, PLNU offers students an evening service called Time Out.  Held on Wednesday nights at 9:30PM in Brown Chapel, Time Out is a student-led worship gathering. Time Out is a space to worship through song, encouragement and instruction through student, staff, faculty, and guest preachers and opportunities for prayer and fellowship.  Time Out is a collaborative endeavor between Chaplaincy Ministries, Worship Ministries and the ASB Director of Spiritual Life.

TIME OUT 2014-2015 Theme: Sons and Daughters

 What does God say about you? Should it matter what He says about you as long as you know He is all powerful, all knowing, and always present God? The answer is YES!

Many people go through life knowing about this God who is love but never embrace and come into belief of what He actually thinks about them. We live in a world that tells us to get our worth one place, our identity in another place, and still our value somewhere else. This can be daunting and therefore, it’s important to know what God says.

Our identity may be the most important thing to come into knowledge of as we walk with Jesus because the identity that you take on as your own dictates the way you do relationships, your actions, thoughts, decision making, and what you have access to. Jesus knew He was the Son of God therefore He knew He had a Father who freely gave Him what He needed in every situation whether it be healing the sick or loving the broken. Galatians 4 tells us that in the fullness of time when Jesus bore that cross on calvary we were adopted as sons and daughters where now we cry out Abba! Father! We are no longer slaves but sons and daughters and if sons or daughters then heirs through God.

This is a profound truth that could change everything. If we embrace what the Father says how might that change the way we do relationships, the way we think, or the way we live our lives? Jesus understood His identity as a child of God and history has never been the same. Likewise we too carry a history changing potential and it’s found within the identity our Father gave us as sons and daughters.