Discipleship Ministries D Group Leader Application

Being a D Group Leader is being in community with others, learning to pursue Jesus together.  Individuals organize and lead small groups centered around relationship, community, prayer, worship and spiritual practice.  D Group Leaders are the hands and feet of Discipleship Ministries.

Not only do D Group Leaders invest in their peers through weekly small groups, they also pour into and encourage each other.  Each Monday night, Leaders hear from one another, share the ways they see God at work, and explore spiritual practices.  This program utilizes Adele Ahlberg Calhoun's Spiritual Disciplines Handbook as a guide for learning and experiencing tools and habits meant to deepen and enrich the spiritual life.  Those interested in influencing, shaping, and building a community that seeks Jesus for the sake of others are encouraged to apply.

There are two types of D Group Leaders.  

One crew lives and serves on freshmen living areas.  These D Group Leaders (with their roommates) live in a freshmen dorm and lead a small group open to any same-gendered students living anywhere in the dorm.  *This option is available for sophomore students only.  

The other crew of D Group Leaders offer campus-wide small groups.  These Leaders are encouraged to invite friends, peers in their major, fellow commuters, other transfer students, or neighbors to be part of their D Group.

Position Requirements:

+ Participate in a weekly, Monday night meeting
+ Invite other students to join you for a weekly time together (your D Group)
+ Support and encourage your fellow D Group Leaders
+ Work with Discipleship Ministries to plan ministry, dorm, or campus wide events

*This is a year-long position; there are allowances for study abraod, transfers, changes in enrollment, etc

General Info
About You

*Both you and your roommate would live in a freshman dorm, and together with the RA and RA roommate be the only sophomores present.

I understand that leadership within Spiritual Development will be a main priority that requires my full commitment
I understand the attendance is required at the following: LEAD week, all Monday night meetings, and all respective trips/ retreats
I understand that by submitting this application, I am giving Spiritual Development permission to access reference information, including academic, judicial or personal information, as it relates to my participation and leadership in Spiritual Development