Discipleship Ministries Intern Application

Interns work closely with Discipleship Ministries staff and are invited to participate in spiritual formation activities and get togethers through the Office of Spiritual Development.  Interns work together to help plan Discipleship events, engage their peers, and shape their campus.

This position is heavily supported and invested in.  Those interested in ministry, leadership, developing others, or growth in spiritual formation are encouraged to apply.

Position Requirements:

+ Participate in weekly meetings with Discipleship Ministries staff
+ Connect regularly with fellow student leaders
+ Communicate as needed with any and all Discipleship Ministries participants reagarding events and evaluations
+ Work collaboratively with other Intern(s) on projects across Discipleship Ministries and Spiritual Development

*This is a year-long paid position; hours vary, and are typically not more than 5 per week

General Info
About You
I understand that leadership within Spiritual Development will be a main priority that requires my full commitment
I understand the attendance is required at the following: LEAD week, all Monday night meetings, and all respective trips/ retreats
I understand that by submitting this application, I am giving Spiritual Development permission to access reference information, including academic, judicial or personal information, as it relates to my participation and leadership in Spiritual Development