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Downtown Eastside Vancouver, Canada



PLNU alum Brian Postlewait invites us to learn from and contribute to Mission Possible (MP), a community of transformation in Canada’s poorest neighborhood.  MP is a Christian organization that provides jobs and builds community through innovative businesses.  

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Excerpts from last year’s team updates:

We have been very busy these few days. From helping preparing food for the homeless to the ones that are on fix incomes Vancouver is the second most expensive city behind Hong Kong in the world. Apartments are very expensive. The average size of an apartment is 10X10 with a bed and a small refrigerator. There are about 25 rooms on a floor. They share a bathroom, showers and a kitchen. Rent for a place like this cost about $500.00 US. This is why many people come to Mission Possible to get food and other services.  

Last week, half the team stayed at the community center and assisted with the volunteers handing out dog and cat food and setting appointments for members of the community that are fixed income and homeless people.  

The other half of the group went to the Art studio to paint the walls of the gallery, do some light office work and help with the pottery exhibits that were to be on display. This was in preparation for the grand opening Friday and Saturday and a special Mother day exhibit. All of the paintings and potteries were made by the folks that are a part of the co-op in this community.

Thursday night we were able to experience what it is like to eat dinner at a shelter. The name of the place is called the 44 Club. It was a great dinner with baked Bar BQ chicken, green beans , mashed potatoes, roll and jelly or pudding for desert. We really enjoyed the food and the place. Afterwards we walked home and prayed for the city and the people we saw on the way. 

Here in Vancouver there are many people who are hooked on drugs. Many of them die because of  HIV passed through dirty needles. Yesterday we went to visit a place called Insight, a government run place where they provide nurses for members of the community that are hooked on Heroin and any injectable drugs. They provide clean needles and it is a supervised place to inject their drugs. In the same facility they have a detoxification center and temporary housing for people who what to get off the street.   

Trip Dates: May 11 - 28
Program fee: $1650

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