Yerevan & Shirak Province, Armenia

Compassionate Ministry leaders Anna Artsrunyan and her husband Trino invite us to engage with youth groups and children’s ministers. They plan for us to visit and minister to needy families in rural villages, learning about their traditional way of life.

An excerpt from the 2014 team’s updates:

The last few days have been a whirlwind of everything from sweet children, ancient churches, meaningful prayer times and the beautiful Mount Ararat. We have seen undeniable signs of the Lord - from the way we love each other to the incredible scenery around us.

The Church of the Nazarene is housed in an apartment complex and has an amazing ministry to the children there. On Saturday we helped with two large groups of children, one elementary and one middle school aged. We made animal masks for our Noah's Ark lesson, played a crazy game of soccer, taught frisbee, helped make 50+ bracelets, turned the jump rope until we couldn't move our wrists, and got to tell them about Jesus.

On Sunday we helped run the church's service It was awesome to see and experience God's presence in this church. We got to share a meal with the congregation after the service with many of the people who have served as translators for our team here.

Monday night we got to be a part of the teenage girl's small group and many from our team shared testimonies from their heart. Not only is it scary and sometimes awkward to share testimonies, not to mention the language barrier, but these teenaged girls responded with open ears and had a lot of good questions in response. Later on, one of the adult leaders that regularly works with this group told us that many of the topics our testimonies mentioned were things she knew the girls were struggling with.

Tuesday night we were part of a small group for people our age. Along with a few of us sharing our testimonies, we asked a few "hard questions" that we had been told to prepare.

If you have time, places to Google include: Garni Temple, Khor Virap, Mount Ararat, Monastery of Geghard. These are a few of the places we have seen that have floored us. They are beautiful, mystical, and holy.

We have been amazed by our team of students. They have been more gracious, kind and flexible than we ever could have hoped. Each of them has a depth beyond their years, a willingness to be emotionally intimate and the openness that is bringing our team closer every day. It's a blessing to be on this team.


Wednesday afternoon we drove up into the mountains - cue the song, 'The Sound of Music'. The view was unreal. We went to visit a large herd of sheep that people and friends of the Nazarene church in Maralik are collectively raising together. We got to touch sheep (if we were fast enough), listen to the crazy "bahs" of this massive herd and stand in awe of the shepherd who had complete control of over 150 sheep.

Thursday and Friday we ran kids' club. It was some of the best kids' clubs we've had. They were a great, lively group of kids who clearly loved us being there. We played a game of Duck, Duck, Goose that had us in tears from laughing so hard. We're also single handedly teaching all Armenian children to play frisbee.

Last night we spent over an hour in worship together, and just basked in the glory of God. We've been laughing about how we were a little more than strangers a month ago but have spent the last three weeks getting to know each other in such an intimate way. We've been pouring over the book 'Compassion' and talking about hard questions about what it means to live like Christ. We've shared from our hearts and loved each other with a fierceness that only comes from Christ. It's been a wild 20-something days that has already left its mark on each of our hearts.


Trip Dates: May 10 - 31
Program fee: $3250

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