Yerevan & Shirak Province, Armenia

Our hosts plan to invite young people from the local churches to join the LoveWorks team.  

Here is a picture of some of the children and youth we’ve been invited to work with.  (Anna, our host, is in the front row, fourth from the left.)


Some excerpts from the 2012 team’s updates:

Thursday we went to the Nazarene church and spent time with about eight blind people and sang songs, had lunch, laughed, talked, shared stories and had a great time. 

On Friday we went to the elderly home where there were 230 elderly people that we took five large cakes to offer as a gift for them.  Some served the cakes in the dining hall, and some went to the rooms of the disabled and fed and spent time with them, talking and helping them eat. We sang songs with them and enjoyed their company. It was difficult at first because everyone seemed disheartened by life's circumstances and didn't know how to react to our being there. When we served them VERY large pieces of cake their eyes immediately lit up and joy came from their heart. They loved the singing, and tried to sing along or clap with us. One man tried to conduct our singing, he was so precious. 

Our team seems to be enjoying the culture, the ministry, the people and one another. They're growing in authentic relationship and being personally stretched. We are served VERY large portions of food at dinner, which is being cooked for us every night and is VERY delicious; however, we are VERY, VERY full, but doing our best to eat all that is served, and challenging one another before we get up from the table to finish all that is set before us. We have had good conversation on how we feel we have been given more than we should have but this is the season for the time that we are here and God has us serving in the ways He desires.


We arrived Friday in Akhuryan, a small village North West of  Yerevan near the Turkish border. We have been serving in many children’s ministries and having a lovely time. Everyone is working very hard and everyone continues to find their groove well. We have been blessed with a lovely church to stay in while we are here. There is no water from sometime in the middle of the night until about 5pm every day. The great part is that everyone is very flexible and willing to work with the situation with a happy heart. 

One great highlight this week was the day were able to spend in the Kurdish village. There is only about 200 people who  live in the village and they live very simply. There is only about  6 families that are Christians in the village but we had about 40 children there to share Jesus with. The behavior of these children was amazing! The village was in the middle of NOWHERE and surrounded with beautiful hills and rocks! It felt like we were in the movie, "The Sound of Music". We spent most of the day there and had a hard time leaving!

Trip Dates: May 10 - 31
Program fee: $3250

Dates of Previous LoveWorks Trips
to Armenia: 2007, 2012, 2014

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