Lubumbashi, Dem. Rep of the Congo 

Pastor Celestin invites us to visit churches, spend time together with children who live on the street, fellowship with youth, and participate in feeding ministries. 

PLNU LoveWorks has a longstanding and close relationship with Pastor Celestin and his wife, Esperance.  He is an excellent, dynamic church leader who relates to PLNU students very well.  He uses our teams strategically to advance the work of the church in DR Congo.  These have been excellent trips thanks to his leadership and wisdom.

DR Congo is among the poorest nations on earth, and yet the local churches are on the move meeting their neighbors’ spiritual and physical needs in the name of Jesus Christ.  Churches have established regular feeding ministries to supplement nutrition for children.  Celestin invites us to serve in those ministries.

The team’s presence creates energy and directs attention to the local churches that we visit.  It shows people that the church is international and interconnected.  As we share our stories, we all learn that we have more in common than we thought.

Teams have also provided building materials so congregations can build more permanent church buildings.  PLNU partnered with the church in Lubumbashi to help build a primary school in a very poor rural community called Katwatwa/Bifungo.  Thanks to the leadership of the church in DR Congo and to the offering God raised up during the Lenten Giving Campaign in 2012, a new three room schoolhouse has been built and classes are starting.  There are 47 students starting in 1st grade, 24 in 2nd, and 18 in 3rd.  Our team will be able to visit the school site.

While there is ongoing political violence in North Kivu Province, Lubumbashi is very stable.  The team will visit in the cooler dry season and it can be quite dusty.  We need a team that is rather durable and can travel significant distances on under-maintained roads.  The team needs to have energy for relational ministry despite significant language and cultural differences.

Trip Dates: July 10 - 28
Program fee: $4200

Dates of Previous LoveWorks Trips
to Democratic Republic of the Congo: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

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