Byumba & Gisenyi, Rwanda

Pastors Simon Pierre and Zabulon invite us to help with school construction and to visit churches around Rwanda. We will play soccer and volleyball with youth. The team will also learn about the 1994 war and genocide and continuing reconciliation efforts.

Excerpt from the 2012 team’s updates:

We were able to visit a church high up in the mountains, about an hour away from Gisenyi.  This small church is one of 50 on the district that our host Pastor Simon Pierre supervises.  They welcomed us with smiles, appreciation, and dancing.  We shared testimonies and songs, and attempted to make bricks in traditional style as they looked on in laughter at our futile efforts.  It was all in great fun and for many it has been the highlight of the trip so far.  The beauty of the view from the top of this mountain made us believe the common nicknames attached to Rwanda: “The Land of 10,000 Hills” & “The Switzerland of Africa”.  We also attended the final soccer game for the anti-drug event sponsored by “No Crime Rwanda” that started last week.  We were able to donate 20 soccer balls to the final teams and students who participated in the closing ceremonies.

Trip Dates: May 10 - 31
Program fee: $4050

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