Sydney, Australia

Pastor Glenn Stanley's church is involved with Student Religious Education (SRE) in local public schools. They are allowed to teach 30-40 minute Bible lessons in the public schools each week. This team is invited to help teach three or more lessons each week and may also do something similar in a local high school. The church runs a monthly youth group for primarily unchurched elementary-age children that this team will help with. There are also local Sunday services and community projects that would benefit from having a team with many hands.

Excerpt from the 2014 team's updates:

We felt very connected to Bethel Community in our last town of Kunanarra, and it was difficult to leave. Our team had developed an especially strong bond with the ten children who live on Bethel campus. When we were not working and the children were not at school, the team and the kids played non-stop. Our students led an evening VBS for the Bethel children, as well as leading the weekly community kids' club (60 children) that meets on the Bethel campus. Our projects included: painting the exterior of John and Esther's (the couple who live on the Bethel campus and direct its ministry) home and clearing an acre of heavy bush. Our students worked like troopers. The bush was extraordinarily heavy, due to heavy rainfall that Kunanarra experiences annually. For the past four days we've been in the small town of Hall's Creek, staying on the grounds of the Peoples' Church. We had a good time of worship with the congregation on Sunday morning. Our students led the service Sunday evening. They were at their best with outstanding instrumentals, vocals, and testimonies. The testimonies reflected deep challenges our students have experienced, coupled with faith in the risen Lord and journeys of healing.

Trip Dates: May 9 - 30, 2016
Program fee: $4150

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to Australia: 2000, 2011, 2014

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