Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Pastor Celestin invites us to visit churches and schools, play with and feed children who live on the street, and encourage the youth in the church. Additional ministry opportunities this team may be invited to engage in include building projects, a sanitation program, teaching English lessons in the English clubs, and a conference about fighting HIV/AIDS among teenagers.

Excerpt from the 2015 team's updates:
Yesterday (Thursday) we spent in the village of Kafubu. This is the village where the drilling of a well will start today. PLNU raised the funds in the fall to pay for the well with a project called “Hello Friends” led by the Center for International Development and others. We celebrated the coming of the well. We sang songs, gave out the toothbrushes and played with the children of the village. There was a big soccer game with some of us impressing the older kids with soccer skills. The song with the chorus – “So good, so, so good to me” was a big hit – we created a bunch of motions to go with the song and they enjoyed it so much they asked for it again. We were expecting around 50 children and we had 100. We had brought biscuits and masks for the children but decided to leave those with Pastor Emi for another day when there are less children. The mothers of the village prepared food for the children and some of us were able to serve them. Then we did a puppet show in our broken Swahili which was a big hit. And one of the story books we brought was read—asking them to name the colors of the chameleon. We took a break and they fed us nuts and sweat potatoes (which all of us want to learn how to make so delicious). 

Trip Dates: May 9 - 30, 2016
Program fee: $4050

Dates of Previous LoveWorks Trips
to DRC: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

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