Teams are typically 10-13 PLNU students with two faculty, staff, or alumni leaders.  LoveWorks only goes where invited. We work with hosts that we know and trust; they minister long before we arrive and long after we leave.  Each trip is unique, and training and preparation are tailored to the needs and requests of the specific host. The ministry focus may shift as needs change and new opportunities arise.  Virtually every trip includes church visitation, soccer, and music.

LoveWorks has a longstanding commitment to sending well-trained and culturally sensitive teams. Our teams are often invited to serve in challenging, remote areas of the world and in cross-cultural, relational ministries. From February to April, LoveWorks meets Thursday nights from 8:00-9:30 PM for training.  There is also a weekend training retreat in March.  Full participation in training is required, as it is crucial for preparing you and your team.

We make program fees as low as possible. The fee pays for team travel/ministry expenses only.  Raising support for such a trip requires dedication, work, and faith. We are committed to assisting students in raising support and provide fundraising training. 

LoveWorks continues to walk with students even after they return home.  In many ways, the end of the trip is just the beginning.  A lifetime of lessons and direction can come out of a short time abroad.

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