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Date: Friday, February 24th, 2017

Written By: Scott Brown


On Thursday, February 16th, Point TV held a forum with television and film director, Bobby Roth. The session included screening two episodes that Roth directed: Lost and Grey’s Anatomy. He has also directed films, such as Heartbreakers and Berkeley, as well as directing for several other shows, which include Prison Break, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and Revenge, The screening was followed by a Q&A session in Skype with Roth.

Roth answered questions about the industry and the process of television drama and filmmaking -- which gave those in attendance a better idea of what it is like to be a working director.

“I thought it was really interesting,” said Dylan Walch, a junior Business major, “I didn’t know how intricate the process was or anything about the film industry, so it was interesting to learn about.” The majority of those that were in attendance at the event were media communications majors, but there were also several business, broadcast journalism, and science majors in attendance as well.

“I thought it was great that I could pick the brain of someone who works in the industry,” said Jonathan Pickett, a senior broadcast journalism major. “And, it was nice to hear thoughts from a professional.”

Those in attendance heard a myriad of stories from Roth’s own experiences trying to break into the industry, as well as the advice that he had to give to young filmmakers.

“I thought it was a great opportunity for us,” said Nick Macedo, Point TV’s Station Manager. The opportunity to talk to anyone in any industry is an important thing for young college students. It gives them more of a perspective of the industry they will be entering and provides them with a look at it from more experienced eyes. All who attended appreciated the chance to talk and listen to a director in the industry provided, and hear about the struggles and great experiences that are a part of the filmmaking and TV industries.

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PRESS RELEASE Point Loma Nazarene University Contact: Scott Brown (559)765-6854 Advisor: Alan Hueth (619)849-2358 Date: Wednesday, February 15th, 2017 Written By: Scott Brown


Coastline News has been a staple among the Point TV lineup for years, but several big changes are coming its way in the spring of 2017.

“The only thing that’s the same about Coastline is the name,” says Producer Davis Bourgeois, “Talent is new, crew is new, and even the setup is new.”

These were not the only things that Bourgeois said is going to be new about Coastline this semester though, “we have new graphics, new backgrounds, reporters in the field, and even Twitter handles [for the talent].”

To many, these changes may seem superficial, but to those who work on this show, whether they be broadcast journalism majors or media communications majors, these changes can possibly help them get a job in the future. “It pushes people early on to be more professional,” says Bourgeois, “which is why I think that Point Loma has such a successful rate of people getting jobs right out college.

“A handful of us have been offered jobs during senior year because of how much this show has done for us and our future,” continued Bourgeois. Students that work on Coastline and other shows like this are able to use their work on their reels, which they submit to employers as an addition to their resume.

“We don’t go into the professional world and make our mistakes there,” Assistant Producer Dana Williams added on, “We spend four years here [at Point Loma] making all of our mistakes.” Making mistakes during shows like Coastline is something that is absolutely necessary for a student in the broadcast journalism and media communications fields and it is better to learn and make mistakes while producing Coastline, than in the professional world.

Students don’t only learn about one or two jobs though, they go through the process for everything in the studio. “We get to do everything,” says Bourgeois said with more enthusiasm than she previously had. “We get the hands-on experience,” Williams added, “we get to do it live and learn from our mistakes.”

Coastline News has been a constant in the Point TV programming schedule and with all of the changes that it is going through this semester; students are able to learn even more about what it takes to become a professional.

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Date: Wednesday, February 7th, 2017

Written By: Scott Brown


Every year, media communications students make several films that take many hours and hard work to create. During the school year of 2015-2016 though, senior Jonathan Pickett wrote and directed two different short films, Nanobots at the DMV and Graceface, both of which have won awards.

Nanobots at the DMV tells the story of a man who accuses and threatens the DMV for putting “nanobots” in his car -- and another young man who simply wants a DMV appointment and ends up saving the day.  The film was created in the  COM442 Field Production course last spring.  

Pickett said that he came up with the idea because he wanted “a story idea for a character who wants something very simple and to come up with roadblocks for him and the most ridiculous was a guy robbing the DMV.”

Graceface tells a much more relatable story and follows the exploits of a student who needs to print an assignment out and the rush to submit it on-time.  The film is a race-against-time story about how the main character handles all of the obstacles that he runs into along the way. 

“It’s semi-autobiographical because I was in the same position and thought it would be a funny short film,” says Pickett.

Nanobots at the DMV was accepted into the BEA Super-Regional competition and won first place in the narrative film category of the festival.  Graceface was accepted into four festivals, including two online festivals, the College Town Film Festival, and the Lone Star Film Festival. 

“It was an official selection at the Lone Star Film Festival,” says Pickett, “it played during the coming of age block in a sold out theater, which I attended because I was able to fly out there, which was really cool.”

These awards did not come easily for Pickett though. “Both of them were a ton of hard work,” says Pickett, “and I wouldn’t have been able to do anything with them without a great team who was able to work on them and believed in them.”

As hard as he has worked on these two films though, Pickett doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. “I am currently working on my senior film,” he said. “It is pretty much the culmination of both of these films and will probably be out in April and I am planning on submitting to as many festivals as I can.”


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Date: Wednesday, February 1st, 2017


Written By: Scott Brown




Every January, the Sundance Film Festival occurs in Park City, Utah and the surrounding area.  This festival is considered to be the preeminent independent film festival in the world.  And it’s a great place for young filmmakers to go and see films that are not big budget studio-productions--and yet make it into the theatres and even win awards.  Seven students from PLNU were able to go to the festival this year and see some high-caliber independent films and attend panels with the filmmakers who are showing their films at Sundance.  They also took in an interview with Quentin Tarantino, who brought his 1992 film, Reservoir Dogs, back to the festival.


This was an incredible experience for young filmmakers to be a part of because it gave them the opportunity to listen to professionals in the industry, as well as viewing films that are similar to what they potentially will be working on in their future careers. One student even met the Oscar-nominated producer of Hacksaw Ridge, David Permut. “Panels were available to students to learn from,” said Sophomore Media Communications major Margaret Mann, “these panels showed us how the art that we make and the culture that we live in are parallel to each other.”


While the temperatures were consistently below 16° Fahrenheit, this did not temper the enthusiasm of the students at the festival. “I think what made it most enjoyable was that we were with people that really cared about film,” said Analise Nelson, another Sophomore Media Communications major, “they cared about all aspects of it and it’s just inspiring to be around.”

Students had the chance to view many different types and genres of films -- ranging from short films to horror films to romantic comedies. “I thought that the genre diversity was interesting,” said Mann, “There wasn’t a way to pigeon hole yourself into what you were seeing or what people were making. So that was fun.”


Seeing this diversity of film also lead to several students talking with filmmakers about the industry and learning from these accomplished writers, directors, and producers. “Seeing a lot of different genres and hearing the stories from other people about how they got into the film industry was probably one of the best parts of the festival,” Nelson said. “It was also inspiring to see their passion and it inspires a young filmmaker to grow.”

While being able to talk with members of the film industry while attending Sundance, students were also treated to many films that had never been seen before which in of itself is a great opportunity. “I like the fact that we got to see films that no one else will see for a while and probably some that may never been seen again,” said Nelson.


Traveling to Sundance is an invaluable experience for any film fan, but for students trying to learn about the film industry in order to work in it in the future, it is an indispensable one.


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