All seven full-time faculty members in the Psychology Department, the Dean of the Colleges of Social Science and Professional Studies (Dr. Holly Churchman), and a psychology adjunct professor and women's soccer coach ( Dr. Tim Hall) and several students attended the 2014 Western Psychology Association’s 94th Annual Convention in Portland, Oregon April 24-April 27th. This is the 20th consecutive year that PLNU psychology department faculty and students have presented at a major regional psychology convention.

PLNU students and faculty were involved in eight presentations:


Butterfield, M., & Rookard, G. (2014, April).

Secrecy and Adult Legitimization Predict Bullying in Romanian Institutionalized Children.


Irwin Churchman, H. & Frith, C. (2014, April).

On Improving Critical Thinking in At Risk College Students.


Meza, R., Cheney, D., O'Brien, K., Scherer, J., Owen, C., & Schaeffer, K.W. (2014, April). 

The Effects of Facial and Body Expressions on Approachability. 



Oakes Mueller, R., Leffel, M., Roth, V., Messier, M., Farinelli, A., & Galli Young, M. (2014, April).

Good Physician (2 of 2): Neuroticism/Burnout Inhibit Growth in Generosity.


Pendakur, R., Tibbs, J., Owen, C., Wu, J.T., & Oakes Mueller, K.L. (2014, April).  

Associations Between Childhood Attachment and Brain System Inventories. 


Tibbs, J., Von Striver, L.T., Pendakur, R., Owen, C., Wu, J.T., & Oakes Mueller, K.L. (2014, April).

Associations Between Childhood Neglect and Brain Pattern Inventories. 


Roth, V., Messier, M., Farinelli, A., Galli Young, M., Oakes Mueller, R., & Leffel, M. (2014, April).

Good Physician (1 of 2): Moral Elevation Predicts Virtue Development.


Wheeler, K., Correa, M., Irwin Churchman, H., & Hall, T. (2014, April).

Examining Cultural Cognizance in an Intense Abroad Experience: A Multi-Faceted Approach.






The PLNU Dietetics Program, in the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences, celebrated the Spring 2014 placement of six of its students into accredited dietetic internships around the U.S. Graduates who complete PLNU’s program receive a Bachelor of Science degree in dietetics and must move onto further training into year-long internships as the next step to become Registered Dietitians (RDs.)  Accredited internship programs provide supervised practice in multiple areas of dietetics expertise and include rigorous rotations in clinical therapeutic nutrition, community health promotion and food service management. Upon passing a national competency exam at the end of this training, individuals can then use the coveted RD designation.  

Nation-wide, accredited dietetic internships are challenging to obtain because of a shortage of slots; currently, only 50% of qualified baccalaureate graduates can be accepted, so the best students will be placed. Internships that accepted PLNU students this year include Rush Medical Center (Chicago), UC-San Diego Medical Center, Pasco County (Florida), Oregon State University, Utah State University, and San Francisco State University.  These students join a cadre of successful PLNU alumni who are now Registered Dietitians---20 since the program was accredited. Another three graduates will be RD-eligible, as they are currently completing their post-baccalaureate training. One dietetics-RD alumnus has also earned her Pharm.D, another is also a Physician’s Assistant, and three have completed their Master of Science degrees.

Since the PLNU FCS Department graduated its first students from its Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics-accredited program in 2006, 28 of 36 students who went onto apply for dietetic internships have been successful, a 78% placement rate compared to the national average of 50%.  Additionally, to date 95% of PLNU alumni passed the national RD certification exam on their first sitting, with a 100% pass rate for all attempts.

Family & Consumer Sciences

May 10th, 2014 marked the 109th Commencement at PLNU. There were three ceremonies, honoring 598 graduating students, held throughout the day in the university's historic Greek Amphitheatre. 

The celebrations began at 10am with the Graduate Convocation. Ron Benefiel, Ph.D., Dean of Theology and Christian Ministry at PLNU, offered a special prayer to the 235 graduate students.  

The first of two undergraduate ceremonies began at 1p.m., for the 275 students graduation from the College of Arts and Sciences, School of Education, School of Nursing. 323 students from the College of Social Sciences and Professional Studies walked across the Greek Amphitheatre stage at 4p.m. to accept their diplomas in the final, and largest, event of the day.

The keynote "Making the Point" address for both undergraduate ceremonies was given by Kim Hogelucht, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Business in the Fermanian School of Business at PLNU. The two ceremonies also honored each student with the highest GPA in work done at PLNU.  Biology Major, Dawn Michelle Gorel was honored during the 1p.m. ceremony for her 4.000 GPA and Accounting and Business Administration Major, Nicholas Michael Erze was honored at 4p.m. for his GPA of 3.997.

See pictures from the day’s events here

Alum, External Relations, Office of Community & Government Relations, PLNU

(San Diego, Calif. – May 14, 2014) – On May 29, 2014, Point Loma Nazarene University (PLNU) will commemorate the 50th anniversary of a historic speech given by the late civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on the Point Loma campus. Dr. King visited San Diego on May 29, 1964 as he traveled the country to gather support for the National Civil Rights Act which was to be signed into law later that year.  Dr. King gave several speeches that day across the city of San Diego.  The largest of these gatherings was in Golden Gymnasium located on the campus of what is now PLNU. 

The event will be held at 2 PM on May 29th at the very site in Golden Gymnasium where Dr. King addressed an estimated crowd of 5,000. Since moving to the campus in 1973, PLNU has maintained a collection of memorabilia from the significant day in San Diego’s history. In 2006, through the support of PLNU alumni and campus departments, an interactive kiosk was constructed to memorialize the event. This kiosk will be re-dedicated as this milestone anniversary is celebrated to honor the memory of both Dr. King and the civil rights movement. San Diegans who were in attendance in 1964 will share their reflections and a plaque will be installed in Golden Gymnasium to commemorate the 50th anniversary.   The ceremony will begin at 2:00 P.M. and include refreshments and music.

Individuals who attended Dr. King’s speech in 1964 are encouraged to contact PLNU and are welcome to attend the event where they will be recognized. To confirm your attendance, please contact the Office of Diversity at (619) 849-2484 or email  

President's Office


Point Loma Nazarene University

Contact: Ross Nederhoff (505) 999-8662

Point TV: Channel 23 

Advisor: Alan Hueth (619) 849-2358

Date: May 15, 2014

Written by: Ross Nederhoff


PLNU’s 11th Annual TV and Film Festival Caps Off The Year.

The Communication and Theatre Department hosted its 11th annual TV and Film  Festival on Thursday, May 1st, 2014. Students, parents, faculty, and friends gathered in PLNU’s  Salomon Theater to watch many of the media projects that were created throughout the year.


The night, which kicked off around 8pm, began with a word from Professor of Communication, Dr. Alan Hueth who stated the overall tone of the year. “It has been great to see the ongoing teamwork and dedication in our students’ projects. That will definitely pay off for them in the long run,” Hueth said.


A collection of samples from several of Point TV’s shows were the first to be shown. These included the best of Coastline News (a bi-weekly live newscast), Acoustic Showcase (a live musical performance program), Reel Students, a a behind-the-scenes look at the making of PLNU student films, and Loma Sports Tonight, a monthly sports show.


The evening continued with screenings of multiple student films. The first was Parallax, a film that was chosen as the best of the introductory level course, which tells the story of a stalker who eventually finds out that he is stalking a criminal. The next films, which were produced by Media Communication majors in an upper  division course, featured a number of different plot lines. These included movies such as Tuition, the story of a boy who must perform an incredible task to stay in school, Loud and Clear, a touching story of loss and healing, Nocturne, a chilling experimental piece, and No Strings Attached, a fun and meaningful take on one man’s destiny. After the content had been displayed, the awards ceremony took place. Awards in every category from concepts, to directing, to visuals, to production were given out. A complete list of winners can be found for reference at the bottom of this page.

The last two awards were especially significant, though, as they honored the work of one student in each major (Media Communication and Broadcast Journalism) who was particularly outstanding throughout their time at PLNU. Senior Josh Vandermeer was awarded the “Excellence in Media Communication Award,” and expressed gratitude and blessing for the award. “It's been a complete blessing to be able to work, learn, and grow into a more wise person through the past four years. I don't see the award as an affirmation of personal achievement, but simply a reminder that I have been blessed with the opportunity to strive my hardest alongside other great students,” Vandermeer said. 

Senior Jacob Roth was awarded the "Carol LeBeau Award for Outstanding Student in Broadcast Journalism Award”. Carol LeBeau, a former San Diego news reporter, anchor, and personality has been applauding PLNU students for the past nine years with this unique accolade. “It was a pretty wonderful feeling to win the award and to hear the applause from my classmates and friends. I've worked very hard the last few years, and it's good to know that I have the support of the people I've been blessed to work with.” said Roth in regards to his distinction. 


Best Film Director: Caleb Daniels for Tuition!

Best Screenplay: Amy Nordberg for Loud and Clear!

Best Editing: Angel Zamora, Caleb Daniels, and Josh Vandermeer for Tuition!

Best Director of Photography: Juan Iniguez for Loud and Clear!

Outstanding Film Scoring: James Bishop for Tuition and Loud and Clear!

Best TV Performer: Nikki Holguin!

Best News Anchor: Kalyn McMackin!

Best Reporter: Greta Wall!

Best Intro Project: Ross Nederhoff, Ricky Zollinger, Mackenzie McCullough, and Jenna Hussey for Parallax.

Best Film: Tuition (Caleb Daniels, Angel Zamora, Ricky Zollinger, and Josh Vandermeer)

Outstanding TV Writing: Caleb Daniels for Motion Capture Promo

Outstanding TV Editing: Macy Douglas for Journeys: Evie Anderson

Best TV Director: Jacob Roth

Best TV Show: Sea Lions Basketball

Leadership and Service: Greta Wall for Coastline News, Erich Rau for Point TV, and Julie  McKibben for Point Radio

Excellence in Media Communication: Josh Vandermeer

Carol LeBeau Award for Outstanding Student in Broadcast Journalism: Jacob Roth


For more information regarding the Film Festival or for more details on awards, please contact 

Alan Hueth at or Ross Nederhoff

Communications & Theatre


to our 2014 graduating class

History, Political Science, International Studies, & Social Science majors!


Joshua Bordy, Christopher Danks, Ryan Fuentes, Justin Gilmore, Jeana Holman, Daniel King, Thomas Metcalf, Stephanie Nelson, Corianne Ransbury, Alexander Rogers, Jonathan Strauss,  James Vaughn, Luis Pallera, Laura Hunter, Victoria Moon, Jasmine Maleche, Hayley Swan, Elena Townsend, Kyle Olson, Brandon Beck3er, Brian Bentley, Zoe Carr, Kayla Cook, Emily Gardner, Lidiya Kravchuk, Christina Marcial, Daniela Pelayo-Beckwith,
Antoinette Vitale, Paige Woodward Holleigh Riemer, Kyle Straeter

History & Political Science