Hesperia High School has named Amanda (Molina) Graley (04) its "Certificated Employee of the Year".  Amanda works as a teacher in the Visual and Performing Arts department at Hesperia High School in California and has had many successful choirs.  She graduated from PLNU with a degree in Music Education.


Study in London and beyond, July 30-November 14, 2013.

Ideal for second and third year students who still have GE requirements to fulfill, the London Semester offers a unique opportunity to study in the midst of the historical and cultural riches of the United Kingdom and European Continent with Drs. Carl and Ronda Winderl, Alan Hueth and Nigel Halliday. Especially suited for students interested in literature, theatre or communications, this program includes a 9-day UK tour at midterm and several long weekend breaks to allow for independent touring.

Cost is less than a semester at PLNU on a 15 meal plan, plus airfare. Contact the Study Abroad Office at (619) 849-2972 for more information. Apply now as spots are typically filled by the end of October.

Literature, Journalism & Modern Languages

Kay M. Wilder graduated in 1967 from Northwest Nazarene University with a major in Home Economics Education. She continued her education in Boston, earning her Master of Science degree from Simmons College in 1972. She completed her Doctorate of Education at Northern Arizona University in 1986.

Dr. Wilder has dedicated 45 years of service in secondary and higher education, thoughtfully shaping and leading her students so that they, in turn, could positively impact the lives of individuals, families and communities. She has served the Point Loma Nazarene University Department of Family and Consumer Sciences for 32 years, chairing the department for 25 of those.

For many members of the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences, Kay is one of the first persons who come to mind when thinking about California-AAFCS. Some of the leadership roles she has held within AAFCS include AAFCS Director-at-Large (2006-2009), CA-AAFCS President (2000-2002), and San Diego District President (1991-1993.)

Beyond the PLNU community, Kay has served actively on the Board of Directors for the San Diego Rescue Mission since 1996. She was awarded the prestigious Community Leaders Award from  the Administrators Association of San Diego City Schools in 1998 and 2002.

She is a loving mother to Anne and proud grandmother of Sarah and Matthew. In her impending retirement from academia, Kay looks forward to spending more time with family and fulfilling God’s new call to her. The rich legacy she leaves at PLNU and in the San Diego community at large is marked with great compassion for others, devoted and faithful service to Christ and an unwavering standard of excellence. Congratulations, Kay, and may God continue to shine His countenance upon you!

Family & Consumer Sciences

Point Loma Nazarene University has become the first Christian university in the nation to vote to voluntarily raise tuition by $3 per student to support a campus Fair Trade Fund. The fund will allow PLNU students to show their strong support for fair trade initiatives and further the use of fair trade products on campus.  This is another step that PLNU has taken to become a certified “Fair Trade” campus. The vote passed the student body by 80 percent.

Andrew Schalin, PLNU student and an intern with PLNU’s Center for Justice and Reconciliation, decided to undertake this project to show that the students of PLNU are committed to fair trade in a dramatic way: “PLNU has voiced that it is important to our students to make strides towards a slave-free campus. This will bring visibility to the fair trade movement both in San Diego and across the nation. Our hope is that other Nazarene schools, Southern California Bible Schools, and Fair Trade Universities will take note and implement this fund at their own schools.”

This is the second tuition increase that PLNU students have initiated themselves.  In 2008, students assessed a $3 per student Green Fee to further campus sustainability efforts.  Projects paid for by the Green Fund have included adaption to low flow fixtures across campus, installation of solar thermal panels atop student dormitories, and increased sustainability measures within campus dining services.


Learn more about PLNU's Center for Justice and Reconciliation.

Center for Justice & Reconciliation, info-center, Office of Community & Government Relations, PLNU

Point Loma Nazarene University
Contact: Kalyn McMackin (760) 685-3312
Point TV: Channel 23 Public Relations Manager.
Advisor: Alan Hueth (619) 849-2358
Date: April 17, 2013
Written by: Kalyn McMackin

Professor Alan Hueth to Release Book with Oxford University Press

 Dr. Alan Hueth, professor of Communication, will soon be releasing his first book “Scriptwriting for TV, Film, and New Media” with Oxford University Press.  Hueth was surprised when Oxford sent the book contract to him this past month.

 “I never expected this to happen,” said Hueth. “I never dreamed of my book being picked up by one of the elite publishers in the world. I’m so honored by this.”
 Hueth began working on his book in 2006 after concluding  that many of the textbooks he was using for his own scriptwriting classes were missing important content.  Shortly thereafter, he began his search for a publisher and started submitting prospectuses-- which included descriptions of other textbooks being used, along with explanations for how his book would be different and better, sample chapters, etc.  He, also, immediately dove into writing the book.

 “Back then, I thought that you would write the whole book and send it to somebody,” said Hueth. “But then, I started talking to publishers after I had most of it written and they said they just wanted sample chapters to show to readers.”

 He worked with two different publishers, but they both ended up deciding that they didn’t want to bring on any new books or writers for this kind of book.   Then, while attending the 2011 Broadcast Education Association, Hueth’s luck changed.

 “I turned around and there was the Oxford University Press table, so I walked over and the acquisition editor happened to be there,” said Hueth. “I asked if he would be interested in a scriptwriting book and he asked me to tell him about it.”

 Oxford took the book through two sets of readers—with one set comparing his book against the top-selling book in the field (in its 11th edition), and a majority of the readers indicated that they would change to Hueth’s book for their scriptwriting course.

 Hueth received a contract agreement in March of 2013 to have his book published by the year 2015.  He plans on using his book in his classes but said that students have already been able to access the material online, for free.

 The book is unique in that it uses Aristotelian dramatic technique as a grand theory for approaching writing all forms of TV, film, and new media programs.   This includes Aristotle’s focus on the concepts of ethos, pathos, and logos, and the elements of drama. 

 Hueth said that pathos and the elements of drama are utilized in all TV/film/new media scriptwriting.  He added that the book has another profoundly different approach to teaching scriptwriting that none of the other existing texts include.

 “My book will include hundreds of internet links to examples of short films, documentaries, commercials, corporate media programs, webisodes, television shows—along with supplementary websites on all aspects of scriptwriting.”

 For more information on “Scriptwriting for TV Film and New Media,” contact Dr. Alan Hueth at


Communications & Theatre

The Kinesiology students have been working hard spending time in professional atmospheres through internships  around San Diego.  From hospitals to chiropractic offices, these students are experiencing hands-on training in their fields of interest to put their knowledge and learning into practice.  Click on the following link to see where the students have been, as well as their future plans following their studies at Point Loma Nazarene University: