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Steve Jobs captured the spirit of entrepreneurship when he said, "Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life...and most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary." Senior Business Administration student of the Fermanian School of Business, Carter Rhoad, found this entrepreneurial passion in design and as a result, launched his own business "Loma Apparel" in 2012 as a sophomore student at Point Loma Nazarene University.

Rhoad came to PLNU in the spring of 2012 from Atlanta, Georgia. In search for an answer to why not many students were proudly sporting PLNU apparel, Carter stumbled upon an opportunity. He noticed high prices on clothing and accessories in the campus bookstore and a chance to improve upon the product designs. His primary goals were to fill a need that was not being met by creating products that would not only be affordable but branded well enough to provoke a desire to wear it. Wanting to target both men and women while covering all sizes, a brainstorming session finally led him to what he believed to be the perfect product meeting all his criteria: a now very iconic snapback hat.

He had the vision but very little self-direction as to how to manifest the dream into a reality. Fortunately, Carter is son to a small business owner, a brother to a web developer, a student to experienced professionals, and a friend to skilled business peers. After obtaining the proper business and seller's license, Carter began designing and developing the hat. Finally the hat's production reached its completion during finals week -- a less than ideal time to begin any organized marketing campagins. Instead, Carter handed out a few to his friends and began silently marketing the snapback through simple recognition of the item. After seeing an increasing demand for these hats and inquiries as to where they can be purchased, Carter knew he had created something with great potential for success. In three days, the 100 produced hats were completely sold out at Point Loma's very own library. With all the success, Loma Apparel -- with its upside-down 'A', and lions head logo -- was finally born.

Carter's web developing brother helped in the creation of Loma Apparel's branding and the launch of its official website. "I couldn't do anything without the help of my friends," says Carter, "I'm just so thankful for everything they've done." His team includes 2 graphic designers, an accountant, a web developer, and countless models -- all supportive friends volunteering to help Carter achieve success. And success he is certainly achieving. Carter has been hired to produce shirts for various on campus clubs at a cheaper rate and with better quality than an outside source. Having made sales in two countries and fourteen different states, Carter's latest objective is to expand Loma Apparel beyond just campus life and is currently in the process of figuring out how to brand to reach a larger market. "The most satisfying feeling is seeing strangers who probably have no idea I'm the owner of the brand, walking around wearing my products. That, and just getting a notification on my phone saying someone has just purchased something," says Carter.

With graduation this spring, Carter plans to move to Guatemala. He intends to support a local business that can manufacture his goods, cutting his costs, and allowing him to sell back in the states at an even more affordable rate. Supporting local business is only one way Loma Apparel participates in social responsibility. Loma Apparel donates 10% of sales to 1 of 5 nonprofit organizations with a cause he and his team feel connected to on a personal level -- three local and two international organizations. The customer can choose which organization their purchase will contribute to. To read more on these organizations, visit

Loma Apparel is sweeping the campus, and apparently a few other places globally. Carter announced 10 new products coming soon, as well as a discounted preordering opportunity. Feeling strongly about the utilization of social media outlets, Loma Apparel consistently offers chances to receive free products through Instagram giveaways. Follow them at @lomaapparel or visit their website,  here.

Written by Alicia Wagoner





The Department of Literature, Journalism and Modern Languages, with the help of Dr. Choung in the Chemistry Department, recently hosted  Dr. Paul Farmer, a medical activist and global humanitarian, who challenged us  see the world as "one world" not a planet divided into three, and to realize that each of us has the obligation to help improve the lives of those who are under-resourced. Dr. Farmer is the founder of Partners In Health and advisor for Pres. Clinton's Global Health Initiative, as well as the chair of the Department of Global Health and Social Medicine at Harvard University.

Literature, Journalism & Modern Languages

PLNU’s Point TV will be host Short Term 12 director, Destin Daniel Cretton, at a film forum in Crill Auditorium on Monday, April 14th, from 7-9:30 p.m.  Cretton will attend the screening to discuss the success of his film and his journey as a filmmaker in the years since graduating from PLNU. 

What started nearly six years ago as a Master’s thesis project has since captured national attention, including those in Hollywood.  Cretton’s film has earned him recognition in multiple film festivals across the country, including Sundance and the South by Southwest Music Festival. 

The premise and story for Short Term 12 came to Cretton through personal experience.  Inspired by his own time working at facilities for troubled kids, the 2001 graduate wrote and directed Short Term 12, a story told through the eyes of Grace, a twenty-something supervisor at a foster-care facility for at-risk teenagers. Grace’s own difficult past is made all the more clearer with the arrival of a new intake at the facility: a gifted yet troubled teenage girl with whom Grace has an electric connection.

In 2009, the short-film version of Short Term 12 won best American Short at the Sundance Film Festival. Building on that success, Cretton turned it into a feature length film that continues to capture audiences across the country.  

“This is Daniel’s most-famous and most-viewed feature length film,” said Alan Hueth, professor of Communication. “It played at the Sundance Film Festival, won awards at others, and it got a lot of Oscar buzz this past season…Daniel and his journey into big-time filmmaking is just phenomenal.” 

Cretton has this advice for young filmmakers, “Don't believe anyone who tells you there is only one way to get somewhere. Just be true to yourself, follow your instincts, and tell the stories that move you.  As Woody Allen puts it, ‘It's not quantum physics.  It's storytelling.  It's a story and you tell it.  There's not much to it.’" 

The screening begins at 7p.m. and is open to the entire PLNU community in Crill Auditorium on PLNU's campus. All who attend will have the opportunity to not only view the feature film, but participate in a Q&A with Cretton after the forum.  

For more information on the film forum or on Destin Daniel Cretton, please contact Alan Hueth at
External Relations, Office of Community & Government Relations, PLNU

Point Loma Nazarene University

School of Education

Department of Family and Consumer Sciences

are proud to host once again the

San Diego County Special Olympics Regional Track Meet

This year we celebrate our 20th year as host campus as PLNU welcomes

Over 500 special athletes and volunteers participating in the event 

WHEN:      Saturday, April 12, 2014

TIME:         9am to 3pm

WHERE:   PLNU Track and Field


There will be over 500 special youth and adult athletes and volunteers participating in the event --AND YOU NEED TO BE THERE!!

Come and get involved and volunteer to work an event or be a “Buddy” and assist the athletes. Bring your family and friends -- this has become a real community event. All ages are welcome!!!


If you are planning to help volunteer:

Visit our website and sign up online:


(San Diego, Calif. – April 10, 2014) – The Special Olympics Regional Track Meet returns to the campus of Point Loma Nazarene University for the 21st consecutive year this Saturday, April 12th beginning at 9:00 a.m. 


The event is sponsored by Point Loma's Department Family & Consumer Sciences and the School of Education and will take place at the PLNU Track & Field. Partnering with PLNU to produce the regional event are; San Diego County San Diego Parks and Recreation and the Chula Vista and Harbor Kiwanis clubs. 


PLNU professor in the Department of Education, Dr. Jim Johnson will once again serve as the event director but credits PLNU students with the continued growth of the event. "The secret is we have a student leadership team does everything for the event and which we are progressively building on for the next year," said Johnson. "I'm basically a facilitator and give my signature where I need to, but it is the student leadership team that does everything. They handle publicity, they gather donations, they set up the website and they coordinate the volunteers. All of it is done by students here at Point Loma."


Saturday promises to be an encouraging and uplifting event for the athletes, spectators and over 500 volunteers, including PLNU students, faculty and staff.


Volunteers are still needed and welcome to register online with the group name and passwords: PLNU.


Volunteers can participate in the following ways:  

Track meet event assistants (timers, measurement tape assistants, etc.);

“Buddy” to the athletes;

Cheerlead events and athletes;

Assist athlete teams and team managers;

Set up and coordination of registration of athletes, teams, and volunteers;

Lunch set up and service; and 

General set up and tear down.


The event is free to everyone but parking is limited on the PLNU campus so show up early to support these great athletes! 

Alum, External Relations, Office of Community & Government Relations, PLNU