On Monday, February 9th PLNU students and faculty kicked off the trans-disciplinary Hello Friends! campaign on the San Diego campus.  A real-world sustainable collaboration among PLNU students, faculty, and staff, Hello Friends! received second place in the Nazarene Compassionate Ministries national competition focused on water justice. The team from PLNU was awarded an implementation grant for the campaign, along with $7,500 which they selected to use for a Beauty for Ashes scholarship at PLNU to support survivors of human trafficking.

Monday’s campaign announcement launched a week of activities aimed at connecting the PLNU community and Pastor Celestin Chishibanji from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). “While listening and learning from the community in the DRC, our campaign also seeks to educate and inform the college community about global poverty, clean water obstacles, and hygiene/sanitation challenges experienced by our friends living in another part of the world,” says Dr. Rob Gailey, who directs PLNU’s Center for International Development and led the PLNU team in the project development.

Using web, social media, and daily programmed activities the campaign seeks to raise awareness about access to fresh water, hygiene and sanitation. The ultimate goal is to fund the completion of the first water well at Ep. Mutombo Primary School and Mutowa Institute in the DRC. According to Courtney Mayer, Assistant Professor, Graphic Design at PLNU, who guided her design students in design and branding, the campaign “will use a variety of technology and media: identity, print, web, built environmental space, and social media. We want to open hearts and minds and make a positive social impact in the lives of all who participate.”

During the course of the campaign, students hosted a variety of events focused on clean water access and hygiene; from soap making to a campus wide toothbrush drive. All items made and received will be delivered to the DRC this summer as a part of PLNU’s established LoveWorks program. Fundraising for the well is built into all programming and the week concludes with Friday’s community clean up at Sunset Cliffs Natural Park, which borders the campus along the Pacific.

Both Gailey and Mayer recognize that, Hello Friends! clearly integrates the values expressed in the PLNU Mission. “We aspire to put faith into action by using our God-given gifts and talents and hope to see this sustainable trans-disciplinary model developed at other university campuses (and perhaps among local churches), with their own chosen linked communities, educational programming and philanthropy,” said Gailey.


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To view the report 2016: Housing San Diego's Homeless at Greatest Risk, A Cost Benefit Analysis go here.

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PLOT had a successful fundraiser at Cicotti's Italian restaurant in North county where the group sang for 75-100 people. KUSI News came to the event to interview PLOT and film the group's performance. The fundraiser was an excellent publicity opportunity for PLOT and the PLNU Department of Music. 

Click here to watch the PLOT news segment on KUSI.



The primary format of debate we participate in at PLNU is NPDA (National Parliamentary Debate Association) debate, and they have two official reporting dates for posting their national rankings.  For the first official ranking period that ended December 15th, looking back on the Fall 2014 tournament results for the hundreds of schools across the country competing, regardless of school size, scholarship amounts, or institutional endowments, PLNU is ranked in the number 3 spot in the nation!  This includes much larger schools like SDSU, and CSULB, or UCLA, and highly prestigious research schools like Cal Berkeley, along with many large and highly competitive community colleges, and other strong Christian colleges and universities like Wheaton and Cedarville, not to mention (though I guess I will) other well respected colleges like Pepperdine and Rice universities. 


When you look over the last 20 years in a time line study for an idea on how schools consistently compete against one another in the NPDA, PLNU debate is ranked as the number one program in the nation by a fairly wide margin, having been named National Champions at the end of the year half a dozen times, including having earned multiple year long sweepstakes champion titles, National Tournament Sweepstakes Champions, Top two person team at Nationals out of over 300 teams competing, and Top Speaker in the nation at nationals competing with over 600 of the nations best debaters at Nationals.  By the way, many of these top honors were accomplished by home schooled recruits, with or without high school forensics experience prior to joining us. !

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Point Loma Classic Christian Home School Speech and Debate Tournament on PLNU Campus 1/7-1/10/15

As the heading says this week we are hosting a terrific group of hard working Christian home schooled speech and debate students ages 12-18 on campus, who will be competing in most rooms on campus from Thursday through Saturday.  There will be some set up tasks on Wednesday. We are fortunate to be able to recruit many of these top young scholars to attend our school once they experience this amazing campus at the tournaments, and/or at our home school speech and debate camps over the summer. 

There will be many hundreds of well dressed, exceedingly polite students running around campus the next few days, and their parents and community judges (probably also nicely dressed and exceedingly polite).   We are grateful to the many folks on our campus who make it possible for us to host this function.  If there are any problems or questions please feel free to call my extension X 2391, or reach me on my cell phone (619) 655-0112.  The tournament itself will be headquartered out of Nicholson Commons.  

We encourage you to watch the rounds if you are able, and even to volunteer as a judge if you would like.  We will have many judge training sessions throughout the tournament.  The elimination rounds will mostly be on Saturday, if you want to see the best of the best. Maybe you are considering enrolling your children in forensics and would like to see what it is really all about.  We are not just geeks in ties, but attempt to be eloquent, well researched and reasoned geeks in ties, or whatever the female equivalent of that would be.

Communications & Theatre

Dr.  Ruth Holton has recently been appointed to the Bakersfield City School District Educational Foundation Board