On Saturday, April 2, 2015 PLNU's Health Promotion Center (HPC) will host its annual Festival of Health.  The festival will be held 9am-2pm at Church of the Nazarene in Mid-City, 4101 University Ave.  All nursing students participate, presenting on health issues and connecting with community members.  The HPC offers stipends to each congregation within the church to prepare and sell food for the event.

In May 2000, PLNU’s School of Nursing established the HPC at the Church of the Nazarene in Mid City to provide health services for individuals and families in the area who could not afford healthcare. In the beginning, the center functioned in one large room in the church, partitioned by green privacy curtains.

Today, the HPC is complete with two exam rooms, a classroom, and an administrative office. The community has access to services like flu shots, whooping cough and tetanus vaccines, pregnancy testing, pap smears, and complete physicals. The center has plans to eventually expand their services.

This location places student nurses in the heart of one of the most diverse neighborhoods in San Diego. In fact, the church is home to six congregations, each with their own language: Cambodian, English, French/Creole, Spanish, Sudanese, and Samoan.

festivalMary Margaret Rowe, MSN, RN, director of the HPC and adjunct professor of nursing, says being immersed in the culture of the HPC’s neighborhood and expressing genuine concern are vital.

“A lot of nurses have never seen patients in their own element,” said Rowe. “I want my students to know where people are coming from.”

Despite the differences in language or culture, Rowe said, “Our students realize the value of non-verbal communication, which includes kindness and respect for all who seek our care.”

These experiences are laying groundwork for PLNU nursing students to approach their future careers with professionalism and compassion.

Health Promotion Center, School of Nursing

On Wednesday, March 25th PLNU celebrated the completion of 76% of the school year.  More than a benchmark toward summer break, at PLNU tuition covers approximately 76% of a student's education costs.  In fact, never in the history of the university has tuition covered the entire cost of a student's education.

This “tuition freedom”, and that the remaining 24% of the school year, is covered by gifts from alumni and other donors, churches, foundations, corporations, and other revenue sources.  Established in 2008 by the Alumni Association, this year marked the 7th annual "Tuition Freedom Day."  In partnership with Student Senate, the ASB Board of Directors, Sodexo and Bartell Hotels, this celebration aims at increasing awareness of the generous gifts offered to PLNU students, and provides an opportunity for students to express their gratitude.

“Whether or not we realized it, each one of us who attended this university was helped by others who gave to subsidize the cost of our education” says Sheryl Smee, Executive Director of Alumni Relations at PLNU. “This has become an annual event to highlight the difference made in students' lives, through generous alumni support, and the impact we can make in the lives of countless future students through our faithful giving.”

Students came by the ARC after chapel to write a thank you note to our donors and receive the latest TFD t-shirt, designed by PLNU senior, Hannah Siu, and enjoy complimentary refreshments provided by Sodexo.  Visit PLNU’s Flickr to see pictures from Tuition Freedom Day 2014 and watch our 2015 video!

"Thank you so much for your contribution to my education.  I wouldn't be able to be here without you.  Because of you, I'm graduating in May with my BS in dietetics!  Thanks again!" - Emily Strannigan ('15)


For more information, visit PLNU’s website.

External Relations, Office of Community & Government Relations, PLNU

Professor David Adey has been featured in a video by San Diego County along with a group of PLNU students. Check it out!


"Watch as artist David Adey takes his first big step towards the creation of a large art project for the County's downtown parking garage. The garage, on Cedar and Kettner, is expected to open later in 2015."

Art & Design

The HPS dept's is proud to announced that our very own Dr. Kelli McCoy submitted an article for the 2014 Jerome I. Braun Prize, which is awarded by the Ninth Judicial Circuit Historical Society for the best unpublished article on the legal history of the North American West. They award a winner and a first runner-up and we are very happy to tell you that Dr. McCoy's article ("Regulating Respectable Manliness in the American West: Race, Class, and the Mann Act, 1910-1940") was named the first runner-up and will be published in the journal Western Legal History.

KUDOS, Kelli!   We are so proud of you! 


History & Political Science

Point Loma Nazarene University
Contact: Ross Nederhoff (505) 999-8662
Point TV: Channel 23 
Advisor: Alan Hueth (619) 849-2358

Date: February 25, 2015
Written by: Ross Nederhoff

PLNU Sportscasting History is Made: 

 First Remote Basketball Cablecast From Point TV Studio Control Room 

On February 26, 2015, Point TV produced their first ever remote cablecast from the Point TV studio control room. The production featured a live cablecast of PLNU’s men’s and women’s basketball games against Notre Dame Namur for Loma Sports Tonight, Point TV’s sports focused program.


Although Point TV is no stranger to live basketball tapings, this particular production was a historic first: PLNU media communication and broadcast journalism majors directed and switched the show in the Point TV studio control room. This differs from previous shows which required a remote studio control room to be set up in Golden Gymnasium.  By using the existing control room, students were able to not only switch between cameras and add graphics and cablecast the game with the regular play-by-play and color commentary talent, but also include studio talent throughout the cablecast.  This new ability greatly simplifies production and will expand the ease and number of cablecasts in the future. 


This new ability is based on PLNU’s visionary fiber-optics installations on campus—which will allow for a number of other more efficient recording—including events in the ARC, Crill Auditorium, and the annual commencement  ceremonies that occur in the Greek Amphitheatre.  

Producer of Loma Sports Tonight, Hilary Zeber, explained the experience in her own words saying, “This episode was such a seamless one to produce. The planning was more complex initially, but once we had the cameras, fiber optic cables, and other equipment in place and functional, the rest of the process was so much easier. I never thought we would be able to control cameras in the gym from halfway across campus in the studio! It was such a neat change to be a part of.”


Besides simplifying setup, the cutting-edge configuration also allowed more possibilities in the studio. News, discussion, and commentary by anchors Ross Nederhoff and Madisen Steele were interspersed among the various segments of the basketball games. Because of this, Loma Sports Tonight was able to provide a richer presentation overall. 

“The fact that we were able to mimic the format of shows like Sports Center and Outside the Lines was super fun! I think it made our show a lot more professional and entertaining. Viewers want to see varied content, and the added studio moments definitely helped us provide that.” commented Madisen Steele. 


Point TV is also looking forward to improving upon and expanding their use of this technology in the coming years. Media Communication head, Dr. Alan Hueth, spoke on his enthusiasm and expectations for the new tools:  

“This technological addition will greatly enhance our sports production capabilities and I expect our students to take advantage of that and really expand their skill sets and job possibilities as they leave PLNU.”   

For more information on Loma Sports Tonight, Point TV, or the studio, please contact Alan Hueth at or Ross Nederhoff at

Communications & Theatre

Congratulations to Stephen Rinker, and Nik Top!

These wonderful pianists earned the following awards:

Stephen Rinker - 3rd Place, CAPMT State Contemporary Music Festival

Nik Top - 2nd Place, CAPMT State Honors Auditions