Dr. Conni Campbell was recently chosen to serve on the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) Accreditation Advisory Task Force.  Task Force members were chosen from throughout California for their expertise and experience in various areas of teaching and learning.  Beginning in January of 2015, this task force will make recommendations to the Accreditation Advisory Panel on new policies to be considered for credentialing law in the next few years.  


This past month, PLNU hosted the H. Orton Wiley Lectures October 13-15, an annual academic lecture series sponsored by the School of Theology and Christian Ministry. Approximately 100-120 students and faculty attended each of the four public talks along with several other events, including a Brewed Awakening discussion sponsored by the Center for Justice and Reconciliation.


This year’s guest lecturer, Dr. M. Thomas Thangaraj, professor emeritus of world Christianity at the Chandler School of Theology at Emory University, led this year’s series entitled “Crossing Boundaries as a Spiritual Practice.”


Dr. Brad Kelle, director of the master of arts program in religion and professor of old testament, shared, “Dr. Thangaraj’s diverse and rich personal experience—as a native Christian in south India to a seminary professor in the U.S. and now back to his native India in retirement—gave him a unique perspective to reflect on the spiritual significance of all kinds of boundary-crossings for our lives.”


The series covered not only theological interests, but also the impact of crossing boundaries culturally, linguistically, and even musically. The lectures took a look at how crossing boundaries can be spiritual practices and means of grace that lead to spiritual formation and deeper experiences with God.


“The talks were especially relevant in a setting like PLNU, where so many of our students participate in boundary-crossing experiences as part of their college careers (through LoveWorks, study abroad programs, community classrooms, etc.),” said Kelle.



The lecture series was first given in 1951 by H. Orton Wiley, professor of theology and distinguished former president of the university. It has continued annually in his honor and focuses on areas of relevance to the Christian ministry from a Wesleyan perspective in areas of philosophy, theology, church history or biblical studies.

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Join us for the Just Saying spoken word event Thursday, October 30th, 2014. Join us at 7pm in PLNU's Brown Chapel for an evening with Micah Bournes and other SoCal musicians and fellow slam poets. 

This event is sponsored by World Relief, PLNU's Center for Justice & Reconciliation, PLNU's Center for International Development, PLNU Spiritual Development, and San Diego Churches Against Trafficking. 

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Center for Justice & Reconciliation

Point Loma Nazarene University
Point TV: Channel 23 
Advisor: Alan Hueth (619) 849-2358

Date: October 25, 2014
Written by: Ross Nederhoff

Media Communication & Broadcast Students Doing Professional Projects

Point TV’s studio and show schedule were not the only things to get a makeover this school year. Media Communication student’s opportunities have also expanded this year with the establishment of the Point TV Professionals Unit (the Unit).

The Unit consists of a group of students handpicked by media communication professor Dr. Alan Hueth.  Dr. Hueth selected students whose past work has exhibited high production values and skill. The Unit provides opportunities for students who are serious about their craft to go beyond regular class projects and do professional work for on and off campus groups who have need for production of informational, persuasive, and promotional messages.  And the students are paid for their time and talent in each project.

Hueth said that the idea for the group grew out of an increasingly professional approach to some of his students, and a growing need for production services.  

“Over the years, I've seen PLNU students work hard and do work at the professional level in some of their projects.  I’ve also received an increasing number of requests from on-campus (assorted departments) and off-campus entities (businesses - non-profits and for-profits) requesting production services for a variety of programs…We're now at a point where we have so many projects that I thought it was time to pitch the idea of the Unit to the provost and our production students,” Hueth said.

This first group consists of media communication majors Caleb Daniels, Juan Iniguez, Hilary Zeber, Veronica Woda, and Sam Christopher and Broadcast Journalism majors Ross Nederhoff, Greta Wall, Jonathan Pickett, Nick Kjeldgaard, and Samantha Watkins.  

Dr. Hueth expounded on the group’s diverse skills saying, “These kids have the right combination of writing, producing, and production skills that are needed to do these jobs…and as other PLNU students improve and develop their skills and maturity, I foresee other media com and broadcast journalism students joining the Unit this year and years to come.” 

Their list of projects for this year is quite varied.  It includes projects initiated by PLNU as well as external institutions. These include the production of eight PLNU faculty technology feature stories which will present various ways that professors are successfully and efficiently-utilizing technology in their courses; a new promotional video for the media com and broadcast journalism programs.  Beyond this, the Unit will continue producing webcast videos for Lord & Gladden (a local financial advisory firm) and will begin producing other projects for other local organizations and production companies in the San Diego area.

Dr. Hueth is optimistic about the future and potential success of the unit. “I’ve done this kind of work before at other universities with my students, and I look forward to a dynamic and prosperous student professional unit at PLNU.”

For more information regarding this release, the Point TV Professionals Unit, or anything Point TV related, please contact Alan Hueth at or Ross Nederhoff

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Survivors of human trafficking will have a chance to receive a free college education with the Beauty for Ashes Scholarship Fund led by PLNU's Center for Justice and Reconciliation (CJR). The CJR is launching a crowd-funding campaign to raise $40,000 in 40 days for the scholarship fund, which would be the first of its kind in the U.S. The campaign kicks off on Thursday, October 30th at “Just Saying” - a spoken word event in PLNU’s Brown Chapel at 7p.m.. 

Since 2005, PLNU’s CJR has been deeply committed to working against human trafficking in San Diego, which was identified by the FBI as one of the country’s high intensity areas for child prostitution. Human trafficking, the use of fraud, force or coercion to get someone to act against their will for little or no pay, has become a major U.S. crisis involving scores of minors and teens in most U.S. cities and at many local high schools.

The CJR’s wide array of work to abolish human trafficking in San Diego includes conducting research, which has led to its involvement and collaboration with local and national law enforcement, child welfare services, educators, researchers and victim service agencies.

Through victim service agencies, organizations that help survivors of human trafficking, Dr. Jamie Gates, director of the CJR and professor of cultural anthropology, first learned that from L.A. to San Diego, approximately two-dozen survivors are currently ready for a 4-year college education. And that number is increasing.

“One of the top three requests consistently for people coming out of that level of oppression is to be able to rebuild their lives by obtaining an education,” said Gates. “Unfortunately for most it is completely out of their reach to find funding and financial aid to attend a university. But what better education could someone coming out of such pain receive than to be surrounded by the compassionate Christian educational environment here at PLNU?”

The spoken word event on October 30th is to open to the public and marks the beginning of the crowdfunding campaign to raise enough money for the Beauty for Ashes Scholarship Fund to last in perpetuity. The initial goal is to raise $40,000, roughly the annual cost of fully funding a student through PLNU.

“God’s been opening doors, and I can only pray and hope that the financial doors will open as well,” said Gates. “This fund was the obvious next step if we’re going to be a university that gives ourselves fully to working against trafficking. We should be part of the solution in all things that we do, and our primary task is to educate and mentor students.”

The bulk of the scholarship will be for survivors of human trafficking to attend PLNU, while a smaller portion will be for students who are heading towards vocations in the abolition of human trafficking. Survivors’ information will be kept confidential by PLNU leadership and they will remain anonymous among the student population. For more information or to support the funding of this scholarship, please visit the Abolish Human Trafficking website

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PLNU Debaters Atop Nation Wide Rankings

Although it is still very early in the season, and this is an incomplete set of data from parliamentary debater tournaments held thus far, I wanted to share with you the first set of nationwide sweepstakes rankings posted by the National Parliamentary Debate Association.  The season is very long and there are many more tournaments extending through March or April in the Spring, but the early nationwide rankings are very encouraging.

Point Loma Nazarene University is currently ranked in First Place, so I thought it might be a good time to pass this along. :-)  By tomorrow more tournaments could be entered that will vastly change these rankings.  But for now it is fun to see the hard work of the students, coaches and alumni recognized in this manner.  

Thanks for working with the students in your classes allowing them to participate in the tournaments, and teaching them valuable knowledge from which they can craft strong arguments on the many and varied topics we debate, which change from round to round.  Novices, Juniors and Seniors all contribute to this group effort.  I have just included the top 59 schools in this list as of this date, though hundreds of colleges and major universities participate across the nation.

In a time study of the aggregate results over the past nearly 20 years since NPDA started keeping such records of nationwide year end sweepstakes points, PLNU is in first place by a fairly substantial margin over the second place school (by about a third of the total points).  It is exciting to see this years' team take up the challenge of adding to that long and strong tradition of academic excellence in this challenging activity.

We appreciate the continued support of the school, the professors, staff, alumni and other contributors.

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