1.    Do students have to attend chapel?
          +    At PLNU, spiritual growth opportunities are priority, so we do ask that our students attend a certain number of chapels each semester.  That number varies, based on several things, including what year you are, if you live on or off campus, etc.  Check out the guidelines here.
2.    How many chapel sessions are offered?
          +    Chapel meets every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning from 9:45 a.m.-10:30 a.m.  There are no classes offered during chapel, so it’s easy to attend!  We also offer an evening based chapel option called Time Out, which is completely facilitated by our students.
3.    Who speaks in chapel?
          +    PLNU is blessed to have several full time staff members who work to make our chapel services amazing.  Our full time chaplain, Mark Carter is connected to our student body not just through speaking in chapel several times a month, but also in staying connected to our student body in many ways.  We see him in chapel, all over campus, with students in our local off campus neighborhood having coffee…he’s even an avid surfer, so you can often find him out catching a wave with students.  Mark is also involved in helping select other speakers for chapel.  Since chapel is offered four times per week, we do our best to keep it varied so it stays relevant in your life.  We have students speak, community leaders, world famous authors, professors, local pastors…the list goes on and on!  See the Spring 2011 schedule here
4.    Can I visit a chapel to get a good idea about what it’s like?
          +    We encourage our visitors to check out chapel!  Let us know when you’re setting up your visit, and plan to visit on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday, and we’ll make it happen!
5.    Is every chapel the same format?
          +    It’s definitely not.  Chapel is offered four times per week, and we want it to be something that’s relevant to you!  Sometimes chapel is music and a speaker.  Sometimes it’s just music.  Sometimes you’ll hear from student speakers.  Sometimes you only meet with your major or class during chapel.  It’s pretty rare that you have the same format of chapel twice in a week! If you want to see what chapel is like, you can check out the chapel archives and listen live to chapel on your computer.
6.    Who does music for chapels?  What’s it like?
          +    PLNU has the best worship music around!  Led by George Williamson, our full time Director of Worship ministries, chapel bands are made up of students, and provide chapels and events with worshipful music each week.  The chapel bands are diverse in everything but quality, so some are acoustic, some are full bands, some focus on traditional music…there are many ways to experience worship at PLNU!
7.    Can I listen to chapel online?
          +    Absolutely.
8.    What’s Time Out?
          +    Offered as a chapel option on Wednesday evenings in PLNU’s Rec Room, Time Out is a time for students to worship through reflection, prayer, scripture, silence, and music. Music is typically led by one of our chapel bands, but we occasionally invite special guests. This weekly meeting provides a time for students to break away from the stress of college and worship with a community of believers in an informal setting.  Time Out is largely planned and facilitated by our students!

Admissions (Undergraduate)

At PLNU, tuition currently covers only 77.5 percent of the education costs for a PLNU student.  In fact, never in the history of our university has tuition covered the entire cost of a student’s education. Who's paying the other 22.5 percent? PLNU receives generous financial support, both large and small, from alumni contributions, donor gifts, corporate sponsorships, and foundations.

For example, if current tuition is $26,500, and a student pays only 77.5 percent of his or her education costs, he or she is getting an unknown scholarship of about $20,000 over the course of four years.

On March 25, PLNU students will celebrate Tuition Freedom Day. The PLNU Alumni Association took the initiative to ASB leaders and Student Congress two years ago. All three have collaborated on designing this event for three years. On this day, PLNU celebrates and thanks the alumni, donors, corporations, and foundations who provide support for our current and future students.   

Students will write thank you notes, get a Tuition Freedom Day t-shirt, enjoy free coffee and pastries, and listen to live entertainment.

Click here to learn more.


The PLNU speech and debate team’s competitive intercollegiate season has now drawn to a close with their last tournament. But the team went out with a bang at National Parliamentary Debate Nationals, hosted by Colorado College in Colorado Springs March 16 - 20.

The team ended the year as the third highest ranked school in the yearlong nationwide sweepstakes.  There were hundreds of colleges and universities competing from across the nation, all in one large division at NPDA, including schools like UCLA, Cal Berkeley, and the United States Air Force Academy.

At the NPDA National Championships, the six teams representing PLNU were ranked the 8th top program at the national championship tournament sweepstakes, a ranking that counts your top four teams against all the other program’s top four teams at the tournament, all competing within one senior division.  PLNU has had many strong teams in the past that have not even cracked the top ten awards in that category.  PLNU's 1999 team won the top spot in this particular category.

Senior and team co-president Daniel Nadal was one of only three debaters in the nation selected to this year’s All American Parliamentary Debate Team.  Nadal was awarded this honor based on his forensics success, high academics, and service to the community.  He is now choosing which law school to attend next year.

The team of Ashley Nuckels and Ian Sharpels advanced to the double Octa Final round, and the team of Daniel Nadal and James Wilson advanced to the Triple Octa Final round.  Their winning records in preliminary rounds allowed them to participate in the elimination rounds.  Three of PLNU's other teams missed that opportunity by only one round.


On March 19, Dr. Doretha O’Quinn, associate dean in PLNU's School of Education and director of the Arcadia Regional Center, was honored as an outstanding African American Educator by Phi Delta Kappa, an international professional association for educators.  The honor was based upon her current work at PLNU in reaching out to urban schools, previous work at Biola University and Azusa Pacific University, her publishing, and service to the wider church as a part of the board of directors for the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel.


Read more about the impact of Dr. O'Quinn in this year's annual report.


The PLNU Speech and Debate Team just won the National Championship in Debate Sweepstakes, scoring double the number of sweepstakes points of the second place school in the Debate Division of the Christian College Nationals.  PLNU also won Second Place Sweepstakes in the combined division of Speech and Debate at this 2011 National Christian College Forensics Association (NCCFA) Championship Tournament, hosted at Azusa Pacific University March 11-13. 

Senior Daniel Nadal, co-president of the team was named top speaker in the nation, in the Open Division of Parliamentary Debate, and all nine of the PLNU teams entered in Parliamentary Debate advanced to the elimination rounds through posting winning records in preliminary rounds. 

In Lincoln Douglas debate, PLNU students won several individual national champion titles as well.  MacLean Andrews is the national champion in the senior division. Also noteworthy is two brand new, walk-on debaters this year (with no previous high school debate experience), Ben Carney and Brian Bentley, were both named co-national champions after winning their respective semifinal rounds in Lincoln Douglas debate, advancing to the final round in that division’s bracket.

The team has one last National Championship tournament this year.  It will be at Colorado College, Colorado Springs.

NCCFA 2011 National Championship Tournament Results

Parliamentary Debate Results:

Senior Division –

Team results:

Ashley Nuckels and Ian Sharples – Semi Finalists

Mac Andrews and Michelle Diaz – Semi Finalists

Kim Jensen and Alex Pineda – Quarter Finalists

Barbara Gausewitz and Ciera Wilson – Quarter Finalists

McKayla Carpenter and John Morris – Quarter Finalists

Daniel Nadal and James Wilson – Octa Finalists


Speaker Awards:

1st Speaker: Daniel Nadal (Tournament Champion)

8th Speaker: James Wilson

9th Speaker: Ian Sharples

15th Speaker: Ashley Nuckels

17th Speaker: Kim Jensen


Junior Division –

Team Awards:

Benjamin Carney and Christy Wright – Semi Finalists

Brooke Rakes and Kassi Sanstrom – Quarter Finalists

Hailey Courtney and Brian Bentley – Quarter Finalists 


Speaker Awards:

5th Speaker: Haley Courtney

7th Speaker: Brian Bentley

9th Speaker: Brooke Rakes

15th Speaker: Kassi Sandstrom


Lincoln Douglas Debate:

MacLean Andrews: Open Division National Champion

James Wilson: Semi Finalist Open Division

Ben Carney:  Co National Champion Novice Division

Brian Bentley: Co National Champion Novice Division


Individual Events Results:

Daniel Nadal:  Open Impromptu Third Place

Ashley Nuckels: Open Extemp Third Place;  Open Rhetorical Criticism Fourth Place

Kim Jensen: Open Informative Sixth Place

McKayla Carpenter: Open Impromptu Semi Finalist


Cynthia L. Swann, MS, RD, CDE, associate professor and director of dietetics at PLNU, was selected as an "Outstanding Dietetics Educator" by the American Dietetic Association. The award is given in recognition of her achievements as a teacher, mentor and leader in dietetics education.

The American Dietetic Association award states: "Cindy exemplifies the values of the Association and plays a vital role in 'leading the future of dietetics.' She serves as a role model to future dietetics practitioners and through her efforts members of the American Dietetic Association will become the nation's food and nutrition leaders."

The faculty and students of the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences are proud of Professor Cindy Swann and the recognition given her for excellence in teaching.

Family & Consumer Sciences