The Point Loma Singers (PLS) took a nine-day, 2,000-mile trip through Western Canada, Idaho, and Washington over spring break, March 6-13. “We sang in many churches and at Ambrose University College (the Nazarene school in Canada), including my hometown of Red Deer,” said director Keith Pedersen, D.M.A.“We also sang for my 102-year-old grandmother. We saw deer, elk, mountain sheep, and a moose, and we had a snowball fight in the Canadian Rockies.”

An unexpected adventure happened while they were on their way to Banff, Alberta. The choir’s vans got stuck at the bottom of a hill due to snowy roads, and they were stranded for three hours in sub-zero degree temperatures.

PLS members stayed positive, and a farmer was eventually able to clear the road for them, making departure possible. With a good sense of adventure and hearts brimming with positivity and praise, the PLS tour was full of “marvelous experiences,” said Pedersen.

Music, Worship Ministries

San Diego leaders received actionable economic analysis recommendation on how to move forward in an ever-changing economy at the 2011 Fermanian Business & Economic Institute's (FBEI) annual economic outlook forum, "Sustaining the Expansion." Dr. Lynn Reaser, FBEI's chief economist, presented her economic forecast for the national, state, and regional economy. 

In addition, George Chamberlin, executive editor of the San Diego Daily Transcript, chaired a panel discussion of industry leaders, including Cyrus Mirsaidi, CEO of Molecular Response; Mary Lewis, CFO of the City of San Diego; and Tom Wetherald, director of business development & strategic planning for General Dynamics NASSCO. They each gave an analysis of their organizations and industries, particularly relating to the San Diego economy.


According to the outlook, 2011 will be a year in which...

  • The U.S. economy gains momentum, with the private sector seizing the growth baton.
  • Job growth will be double the pace of 2010, although the drop in the unemployment rate will be slow.
  • High commodity prices will affect both consumers and businesses, but overall inflation will remain in check.
  • Interest rates will move higher and stocks will outperform bonds. 
  • California will parallel the nation with better economic performance in 2011. 
  • San Diego will see moderate, but broad-based, gains.

But we also believe that...

  • All levels of government—federal, state, and local—must address budget deficits in order to achieve a sustainable economic expansion.



To read an electronic version of the entire economic outlook publication, click here.

To learn more about FBEI events, click here.



Welcome to FAQ Fridays, where we take the questions we get most and answer them…maybe before you’ve even thought to ask. This week we'll be answering your questions about how, when and where you can study abroad. One in three students study abroad at PLNU and we hope you'll be one of those students too!

Study Abroad

1.     Where can I study?
Basically…anywhere!  Check out our many programs in Africa, South and Central America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the South Pacific!  Students have studied in more than 50 countries, and we work with programs on every continent (including Antarctica…but no one actually goes to that one).

2.     How much does it cost?

Good news…when you go abroad through PLNU, you don’t have to pay PLNU tuition and fees—you just pay your program cost.  And our Study Abroad employees work diligently to find programs that are comparable in cost or cost less than a semester at Point Loma.  There are also scholarships specific to students who study abroad!

3.     When can I go abroad?

You can start your travels as soon as your sophomore year!

4.     Is it safe??

Definitely.  Our Study Abroad staff does everything in its power to ensure that you’re safe when you’re abroad.  That includes visiting programs before we send students there, pre-departure education and training for students, and staying in constant contact with each program while students are there!

5.     I’m a Nursing major…can I study abroad?

You sure can.  Generally, in our more prescriptive majors that have very specific semester schedules (we want you to graduate in four years!), we recommend that students take advantage of our many summer study abroad programs!

6.     Will the classes I take abroad count toward my PLNU degree?  Will this set me behind, academically?

One of the many great things about PLNU’s Study Abroad Office is how involved they are in your decision to study abroad.  Once you pick a place, they will work to pre-approve all of your coursework in order to ensure that you are taking relevant, transferrable courses while you’re abroad.  We don’t want taking advantage of studying abroad to set you behind on your four-year graduation track!

7.     Do my scholarships count toward study abroad?

State and federal financial aid typically applies to study abroad programs.  Institutional aid, such as PLNU grants and scholarships, do not apply to programs taken abroad unless study abroad is listed in the catalog as a requirement for your major/minor.  However, your semester abroad should not affect your eligibility for such aid upon your return.Don't forget, there are also scholarships specific to students who study abroad!

8.     How do I start the process of studying abroad?

First of all, check out their website!  There are a ton of resources there for you to peruse at anytime!  For specific program inquiries, program admission and/or general questions about the Study Abroad program, please email or call the PLNU Study Abroad Office (619) 849-2972.  Also, as visitors to campus, you can attend a prospective student Study Abroad Session!  Just let us know when you want to visit!

Admissions (Undergraduate)


In 2010, alternative travelers biked more than 2,000 miles to and from campus, and the number of bikers and miles are quickly growing.

This Friday is another Bike the (Traffic) Jam, a sustainability department-hosted, monthly bike-to-campus day. Commuters are encouraged to make their way to campus by bicycle rather than car. 

Riders are greeted with refreshments when they reach PLNU, and prizes are given by raffle and to the commuter traveling the furthest. Bike the Jam was inspired by San Diego’s Bike to Work Day, which is held each May. Because of positive feedback, PLNU made biking to work a monthly event.

Inspired? Dust off your bike (or walking shoes) and visit




On Feb. 24, PLNU held the annual Report Card on the Media, presented by the San Diego Society of Professional Journalists, a chance for local newsmakers to reminisce on how they were treated and portrayed by the media and then pass out grades. 

This year’s panelists included California State Rep. Nathan Fletcher, most noted recently for his authorship of “Chelsea’s Law” intensifying sentences for those who commit sex crimes against children; Lorena Gonzalez, secretary-treasurer/CEO of the San Diego and Imperial Counties Labor Council, AFL-CIO; Steven Kane, one construction worker-turned-hero who tackled a shooter at Kelly Elementary School in Carlsbad; and Robert Pincus, former San Diego Union-Tribune arts critic whose layoff ignited upheaval in the arts community.

Dennis Morgigno, Cox Channel 4 station manager and programming host, moderated the panel. 

The event was filmed by students and will air on Channel 4, air date to be announced.


Literature, Journalism & Modern Languages

The Cooper Music Center is named after Gladys Cooper who donated the proceeds from her ranch and prize winning bulls to PLNU in order to build a music building on our campus.  For the past fifteen years the Cooper Music Center and Crill Performance hall has been the home to PLNU's music students.

Gladys also donated her King Louie 1918 Steinway B to our music department and it has resided in the Cooper Music Parlor along with the rug and furniture from Mrs Cooper's parlor.  Two years ago the Steinway was sent away for some much needed restoration and returned today in mint condition with a new sound board and quite frankly, almost new everything.  What is still the same is the ornate carved piano case which was refinished by Paul Robinson of Acme Piano Company who also restored most of the piano and arranged for a new sound board for the piano.  The results have been gratifying.

Pianists have been in and out of the parlor all day to test the action and sound of this beautiful instrument.  A link to some of the video of the arrival of the Steinway and some of the music made today will be on this page soon.  In the meantime, the thrill of having such a remarkable piano back in its Cooper home, remains.