“The New Economic Reality: How New and How Real?”

Dr. Lynn Reaser’s original research paper “The New Economic Reality: How New and How Real?” appeared in the January 2011 (Vol. 46, Number 1) edition of Business Economics, published by Palgrave Macmillan. Business Economics is a refereed journal that serves as an essential resource and provides practical information for people who apply economics in their jobs, and a leading international journal of economics.

In the current issue, only six articles were selected and published including one by the current Vice Chair of the Federal Reserve Board; the Chief Executive of the Tenth District Federal Reserve Bank; a Senior Economist at Wells Fargo; and a Professor of Economics from the Villanova School of Business. Dr. Reaser’s article is her keynote address from the annual convention supplemented with many original charts and graphs created by Dieter Mauerman, FBEI Economic Research Assistant.

To view a copy of her article click here. FBEI_Business_Economics_Journal_2011.pdf

Fermanian Business & Economic Institute

At PLNU, Dave Bruno is the manager of online marketing.  Online, he is somewhat of a sensation. And recently, his new book, The 100 Thing Challenge: How I Got Rid of Almost Everything, Remade My Life, and Regained My Soul, is garnering some major attention.

In 2007, Dave and his family did some summer cleaning. When he looked around his garage, he started to feel swamped with stuff - stuff he rarely or never used. So he began to minimize, all the way down to 100 things. He vowed to keep his personal belongings (not counting his family's belongings) at or below that number. He called his undertaking "The 100 Thing Challenge" and began writing about it on his blog, From the echoing responses, it seemed like a lot of people all around the world felt trapped by things.

His blog has launched numerous opportunities for Dave to share his story and open up an important conversation about why we feel we need things and what freedom can be found when we minimize them. He's been featured in Time magazine, on, the 700 Club, and in numerous other media outlets.

He and his readers are still taking up the greater challenge "to fight American-style consumerism."

Check out Dave's latest interviews in print and on TV:


photo by Marcus Emerson


PLNU learned of an isolated incident in early February in which one of our students was victim of an alleged assault off-campus that involved an off-duty police officer and one other individual. We are committed to act with compassion toward the student who was involved and to respect her right to privacy and to allow for due process of anyone accused. With this in mind, PLNU has issued the following memo to students, faculty, staff, parents, and the board of trustees. We have also provided the following press release for local media. 

Press Release - February, 9 2011 (PDF Download)

Internal memorandum to students, faculty, staff, and parents - February, 9, 2011 (PDF Download)



Christine Spicer
(619) 849-2925

PLNU School of Education students are eligible to apply for the 2011 Education Associates Scholarships.  The application deadline is February 25, 2011.  Follow this link to the web application. For further information contact Dr. Laura Amstead ( Applicants submitted completed applications by the deadline will be invited to in person interviews at the PLNU Regional Centers in Arcadia, Bakersfield and Mission Valley. 


Event Date - February 4-6, 2011

On behalf of the Pt Loma Speech and Debate team, I wanted to send out a belated thanks to the entire PLNU campus community for your help and patience in hosting the Sunset Cliffs Classic and Round Robin Tournament of Champions recently.  These two tournaments were held on our campus Feb 4-6.  The 44  Colleges and Universities listed below came out and seemed to have a wonderful time enjoying our beautiful campus.  We greatly appreciate the assistance of so many of the staff, faculty and alumni that make this possible.  As you can imagine many envied us the ability to come here every day, and several of those folks are looking into applying here for future years. Students that it.  I don’t think any of the other coaches are putting in for my job yet. J


Two of our Pt Loma teams advanced at this competitive event, which has been nicknamed the blood bath at the beach due to the high caliber of competition.  Congratulations to Ian Sharples and Ashley Nuckels for reaching the first elimination round and to Daniel Nadal and James Wilson for advancing to the second elimination round.  Our other four senior teams entered had enough earned wins to advance to elimination rounds, but they missed advancing on the speaker point tie breaker.  This speaks well of our chances at the National Championships coming up soon.


And in the burying the lead category we just recently learned that PLNU is once again ranked in the top 10 colleges and universities in the nation competing for the year long sweepstakes race.  We are  currently ranked in the #7 spot, against all  competitors, like UCLA, Ca Berkeley, etc. . . regardless of school size or division.


Thanks again for your continued support and encouragement.

Communications & Theatre

We participated in three tournaments in two states last weekend, and are preparing for hosting two large tournaments of our own next weekend. 

The first two tournaments were national circuit parliamentary debate events hosted on the campus of Colorado College.  They are referred to collectively as the Mile High Swing, and we sent three of our top six senior division two person debate teams to compete in those two tournaments. 

The remainder of the team competed in a combined speech and debate tournament in Irvine, hosted by Concordia University.  Although I hate to split the squad and attend different events on the same weekend, the team rose to the challenge and excelled at each tournament. 

Special thanks to recent PLNU alum Katie Lucas and her family for hosting the debate teams in Denver, and coaching/judging for the traveling squad this past weekend.

·         Mile High One Debate Results:

The team of Daniel Nadal and James Wilson won four of their five preliminary rounds and advanced to the second elimination round before dropping to Whitman University, the school that won nationals last year.  The other two teams (Barbara Gausewitz and Ciera Wilson; and MacLean Andrews and Michelle Diaz) each missed breaking to the elimination rounds by just one decision.


·         Mile High Two Debate Results:

Again, Wilson and Nadal won four of their five preliminary rounds and advanced to the second elimination round before dropping once again to Whitman University, I believe in the same room as the previous tournament loss to Whitman.  Ouch.  However, the other two PLNU teams each improved their records from Mile High One and advanced to the elimination rounds in Mile High Two.  Andrews and Diaz dropped in the first elimination round, and Gausewitz and Wilson won their first elimination round to drop in the next out round to Oregon State University one of the other top teams in the nation.  Both of these tournaments are considered extremely competitive, and to advance 4 of our 6 slots is an encouraging sign for the National Championship tournament to be held on the same campus in two months.

·         Concordia Irvine Speech and Debate Tournament:

In a somewhat smaller, but still significant and competitively rigorous regional  tournament with colleges and universities from Southern and Northern California, PLNU won First Place in overall sweepstakes for the 4 year college division, and third place Debate Sweepstakes, even though three of our top debate teams were in Colorado.  Here are some of those results.

Concordia Individual Events:

Kim Jensen: 3rd Place Open Informative & 2nd Place Open Extemp

Kassi Sandstrom: 6th Place Open Extemp

Ben Carney: 5th Place Novice Extemp

Margeaux Flannery and Victoria Roth: 2nd Place Duo (no final round)

Brooke Rakes: 6th Place Novice Impromptu

John Morris: 6th Place Open Impromptu

Alex Pineda: 2nd Place Open Impromptu

Concordia Invitational Parliamentary Debate Results:

Ashley Nuckles and Ian Sharples: Silver Medal Open Parliamentary Debate

Kassi Sandstrom and Brooke Rakes: Silver Medal Junior Debate

Ashley Nuckles: 2nd Place Open Speaker

Alex Pineda: 11th Place Open Speaker

Ian Sharples: 15th Place Open Speaker

Kassi Sandstrom: 6th Place Junior Speaker

Brooke Rakes: 7th Place Junior Speaker

Haley Courtney: 19th Place Junior Speaker

Margeaux Flannery: 4th Place Novice Speaker




Communications & Theatre