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Date: December 16, 2010

Written by: Nicholle Jaramillo



PLNU Students Attend World’s Largest Broadcasting Conference


PLNU’s Communication and Theatre Department offers a variety of opportunities to its students every semester.  This past spring, 2009, a group of media communication and broadcast journalism students travelled to Las Vegas, Nevada, for the annual National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), and Broadcasting Education Association (BEA) conference.  This is the largest annual broadcasting conference in the world, and includes 50,000 professionals, students, and faculty who go to learn, network, share ideas, and explore the latest technologies, techniques, and issues in TV, radio, and film. 

The BEA conference gives media leaders at PLNU the chance to see what's going on in the professional world of media,” said Sarah Willer, a senior broadcast journalism major. 

For Willer the most important part of the trip is the opportunity to meet with professionals, get their opinion on the market and possibly make a connection.  Katie Conner, a 2010 broadcast journalism graduate, met the contact that eventually landed her a reporter job at Channel 8 in Medford, OR.       

“I want a job and the only way to get noticed in media is to go out and meet your future employers in person,” said Willer.

            Not only do students head to BEA for networking opportunities, but they also go to discover the latest developments in the broadcast field and modern strategies for handling television news and the job market.

“It really helped me understand what will be expected of me next year as I start my job search,” said Andrea Adams, a senior broadcast journalism major. “I found out how to make my work present online and appealing to employers.”

For Adams, the career fair was the most beneficial part of the trip. Not only did she network with news directors and reporters, but she also got her resume critiqued.   

“I learned that it would be very beneficial to have my own website with all my broadcast work on it,” said Adams. “That way, news directors can see my reel without my sending a DVD to them.”

Although broadcast journalism majors tend to head to the conference for networking opportunities, media communications and film studies majors go to check out the latest technology.  Chris Alexander, a 2010 media communications graduate was excited to check out new equipment he had been researching.  

“I was excited to see new equipment that I had been following via online

articles, and actually be able to touch it,” said Alexander.  “I wanted to be able to have the equipment explained to me by working professionals.”

            For Alexander, the highlight of his trip was the convention show. Here conference attendees are able to walk around and see demonstrations taking place. 

“Just by talking to the 3D post production demonstrator that was there, I learned more about what it takes to shoot 3D and make it something that someone can watch without giving them a headache,” said Alexander.

This coming spring, the Point TV and KPLR radio student leaders (and TA’s) will be attending the  2011 conference being held at the Las Vegas Convention Center on April 9-13.


Students interested in attending the conference can contact Alan Hueth at or station manager Jessica Bobik at

Communications & Theatre

The Small Business Institute class taught by Professor of Entrepreneurship, Randy Ataide, is again making exciting business ideas into a reality for local business people.  Every semester Ataide couples students with local businesses around the San Diego community to develop business plans. 
This semester Ataide has one group working with a local dentist who visits Nicaragua frequently to provide dental care to indigenous people. The Small Business Institute team’s idea is to import coffee from a well-established Fair Trade Nicaraguan co-op and sell it in the states for profit and a cause. A percentage will be given back to a Nicaraguan dental clinic because health care is not a priority over there.  The team has been developing and researching the idea and what it would take to make this a reality.  But how do you bring yet another coffee to an oversaturated market?
The solution that class has developed is two-fold. First, the coffee has to be outstanding and major coffee evaluators in the U.S. testify to the high quality of Nicaraguan coffee. Second, customers of  Tierra Nueva Coffee can directly participate in bringing dental care to Nicaragua through the use of an innovative coffee bags which also serves as pre-paid envelopes to fill up with ordinary dental products that customers can send back to a well-known dental assistance team in California, who will then use it on their regular trips back to Nicaragua. Third, customers will also receive a Nicaraguan braided bracelet and a personal tag in each bag they purchase.  This approach brings the coffee customer from a passive donor to an active partner.
Not only will this company provide jobs in Nicaragua, stimulate their economy and donate dental supplies, it is also the best cup of coffee you have ever tasted. It is a fair-trade organic coffee with a rich smooth taste that will keep you coming back for more and wanting to send dental supplies back to Nicaragua just as a thank you from your taste buds!

Fermanian Business & Economic Institute

Unemployment remains high and apartment rents on the rise

San Diego Union Tribune

Roger Showley takes Dr. Lynn Reaser's take on the high unemployment and also about apartment rents being on the rise. To read the full article click here!

Fermanian Business & Economic Institute

Many of you joined us this year for our 7th annual Fall Festival on October 16. Approximately 6,500 people from our community participated in a wonderful day of family fun, including carriage rides, a petting zoo, face painting, a pumpkin patch, and a local “Taste of Point Loma.” If you missed it this year, check out our website for pictures at

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