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Date: May 17, 2010
Written by: Nicholle Jaramillo

The Communication and Theatre Department held its 12th annual PLNU TV and Film Festival on May 6 in Salomon Theatre. Students and faculty filled Salomon to screen some of this year’s best film and television student work. Awards were handed out in 19 different categories.

The short film, Rungs, stole the show as it earned five awards throughout the night. “I forgot how much fun it is to make movies,” said Rungs Producer Jordan Olberg. “It reawakened my passion for the field, reanimated a once discarded passion.”

Olberg and Rungs Director, sophomore Madison Dyer won “Best Short Script” and “Best Film.” Dyer also picked up two awards for “Best Film Directing” and “Best Film Editing” for Rungs. Lastly, actor and student, Austan Wheeler was awarded for his “Outstanding Acting” in the film.

Seniors Chris Alexander received “Best Cinematography” and Josh Marble took home “Best Film Producer” for their film, Hotline. Marble also received “Outstanding TV and Film Performance for 2006 to 2010.”

Film majors were not the only ones recognized for their hard work. Senior broadcast journalism major, Katie Conner, received the “2010 Carol LeBeau Award for Outstanding Broadcast Journalism Student.”

“I am really proud to win the Carol LeBeau award,” said Connor. “I have worked really hard this past year trying to improve Coastline News and sharpen my own skills in reporting. I've had such great professors who constantly challenged me to do better.”

Andrea Adams, a junior broadcast journalism major also took away “Best TV News Package” and “Best Radio Feature Story.” Adams is also KPLR’s Station Manager and received “Outstanding Leadership and Service in Radio.” Channel 23 Station Manager Erika Roberts received the “Outstanding Leadership and Service in TV” award.

Point Loma 2009 alum, Shelby Martin, attended the festivities from her Dreamworks AKG studio desk by Skype to accept the “2009 McGaw Family Trust Award for Best Student Documentary.” Martin’s 25-minute documentary, Eyes of Denial, focused on her personal journey into the subject of Holocaust denial. Martin has been working at Dreamworks as an assistant producer since December, 2009.

Senior Kaley Hearnsberger received the “2010 Best Student Documentary” for her 20 minute project titled Collaborative Capital. The documentary was a runner-up for this year’s PLNU Best Senior Honor’s Project, and will be shown at a microfinance conference in San Diego later this year.

Two students shared the 2010 Award for Excellence in Media Communication. First, NBC sports anchor, Kyle Stanley, took a break from his sports anchoring job in Grand Junction, Colorado, to join the festival by webcam to receive the award.

“It was an honor to get the award. I was a little surprised because I know I'm not the typical Media Com student,” said Stanley. “Most people in my major follow film, so I expected a film student to receive the award. It was nice to see that my work was recognized, and I am very grateful for all of the doors that PLNU opened for me.”

Stanley distinguished himself as a leader in both radio and TV for the past several years--especially in the area of sports broadcasting. He is also the creator, writer, and anchor for San Diego’s NBC College Sports Desk show, a program that is aired weekly on San Diego’s local NBC station affiliate.

Senior Bryan Bangerter was the second senior to receive the “Excellence in Media Communication” award. Bangerter helped create PLNU’s Guerilla Film Society, and produced (or worked on) several outstanding short films while at PLNU-- including the award-winning musical/comedy She Sang, She Directed. She Sang…recently won first place in the comedy genre in the BestFestAmerica student film competition.

Other awards included:
Best Intro Project-Comedy: Stuck, Katherine O’Sullivan
Best Intro Project-Drama: Awake, Taylor Miller and Austan Wheeler
Best TV Show: Loma Lovin’, Erika Scopelli and Jessica Bobik
Outstanding Feature-Length Screenplay: Bottle Cap, Nicole Andelfinger

Congratulations to this year’s winners and graduating seniors.

Communications & Theatre

The Fermanian Business & Economic Institute has recently started a blog, which includes Dr. Lynn Reaser's weekly posts on economic related issues, along with other news worthy notes on business students, alumni, and faculty.  The FBEI blog is the main source of updated News & Notes and the website will no longer be the main source of news.  There is a lot going on with the FBEI and we encourage you to follow our blog to stay updated on what is happening!

Read and comment at the FBEI blog now:

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The Fantasticks is a 1960 musical that ran off-Broadway for over 40 years.  Known as the longest running musical in the world, it was revived after its closing only four years later in Times Square.  Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt allied together to create one of the biggest masterpieces of their time.  The musical tells an allegorical tale, based loosely on the play Les Romanesques (The Romancers) by Edmond Rostand, concerning two neighboring mothers (fathers in the original script) who build a wall between their houses and pretend to feud in order to get their children to fall in love.  They know what every parent should eventually realize: children always do what their parents forbid.

The thematic elements underlying the plot deal with such universal concepts as forgiveness, the complexities of love, dealing with pride, the effect of manipulation, acceptance and the mysteries of life.

The director, Dr. Ronda Winderl, has emphasized the Commedia Del'arte (Italian for comedy of art) side of this Fantasticks production. Commedia Del'arte is a professional form of theatre that began in Italy mid-16th century.  Commedia Del'arte consisted of a troupe of actors who lived and acted together and performed shows to make a living.   They wold move from place to place to entertain as many people as they could.  The audience would ultimately determine what the troupe ate that night, if they ate at all.  While usually unscripted the troupe would have a general plot layout that they could build around.  Although The Fantasticks is entirely scripted, this production makes use of the Commedia Del'arte theme and tone.

Communications & Theatre

"Congratulations! Your paper has been accepted by the Organizational Communication Division for presentation at the WSCA Conference." This was the beginning of an email notification received a couple of days ago by Dr. G.L. Forward concerning an original research paper co-authored with students Natalie Daugherty, Heather Michel, and Danica Sandberg.

The paper entitled "The Effects of Communication, Religiosity, and Organizational support on Student Commitment at a Church-Related University" will be presented on February 15, 2009 at the Western States Communication Association Conference being held this year in Mesa, AZ. This project orginated in COM465 and is the seventh paper begun in COM465 to be presented at the Western Conference. Forward, Daugherty, and Michel will attend the conference to present the paper.

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San Diego, CA -- PLNU students are receiving great internships that will help them in the future and that are great learning experiences.

Two students who recently completed internships are Erika Roberts and Jake Schafer. Schafer interned with the San Diego Film Festival for its 2009 event. Roberts interned for Carousal Productions, a new production company that was started by Steve Carrell. Carousal Productions focuses on family-based character comedies.

Both students found their internships rewarding and helpful. “The best way for a student film maker to understand how a film festival works is to work at one,” Schafer explained. “I now know the ins and outs of getting a film in a festival and what that all entails.” Schafer also said his internship helped him with networking and making friends who may be able to help him in the future. “I know what they [the film festival] want to see and will make sure that I get it right,” he said.

Roberts said she really enjoyed her internship. She said that one reason she felt she got the internship was because she did not feel a false sense of entitlement like students from other schools. “PLNU students don’t have the same attitude people from other school have,” she said. “I didn’t mind getting lunch for everyone, or going shopping for groceries.”

PLNU alum Shelby Martin received an internship with the production company DreamWorks Studios, and is currently fulfilling her duties there.

Communications & Theatre

San Diego, CA—Student television programming at Point Loma Nazarene University will change channels starting in January. Student produced program will move from Channel 3 to Channel 23.

With the channel change will also come several new programs. PLNU’s advanced television production class has been spent fall semester creating new content, along with developing a new brand for the channel. At least three new shows will air on Channel 23 during spring semester 2010. Each of the shows will be for students created by students, and look at things from a PLNU student’s point of view.

Senior Media Communication major Jake Schafer is excited to see the premiere of new programs. “I feel like it’s time to get some new original programming on the channel,” he said. “I like the direction the channel is going with more original programming and more involvement in programming.”

Student involvement in show development is one way to increase interest in the campus television channel. Sophomore Media Communication major Madison Dyer said he thinks more students will watch. “If you know you or one of your friends is going to be on one of the shows, then you are more likely to watch it.” Dyer explained.

Societal Communication Major Brad Hernandez was featured on one of the new shows, which is a game show. He said he had never watched the on-campus channel before, but would check it out now that he was going to be on one of the shows. “I never even knew there was a channel on campus that had program made for students,” said Hernandez. “I definitely want to check it out now because this is going to be a funny show.”

Communications & Theatre