On Sunday evening, August 24th, nearly 700 faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends gathered on PLNU’s main campus for the 3rd annual Pray for PLNU event. This year’s event marked the first time that incoming students and their families were also invited to participate ahead of this week’s New Student Orientation (NSO). 


“In three short years, the event has become a significant time for the entire PLNU community,” said PLNU Dean of Students, Jeff Bolster. “This event provides a foundation for the business and excitement of NSO and the start of the new school year.”


The evening began in Brown Chapel at 5:00pm for an opening time of worship led by George Williamson, PLNU’s Director of Worship Ministries.  President Bob Brower provided welcome remarks and shared his vision for the year ahead. After brief instructions from Bolster, participants spread out across the campus to pray. 


As in previous years, special attention was given to the residence halls, as the names of all new and returning students were posted on each doorway, allowing them to be prayed for by name. Additionally, offices, classrooms, labs, and numerous other campus locations, including the off campus sites of the Liberty Station Conference Center and Colony Apartments were covered in prayer. One place in particular was Brown Chapel. University Chaplain, Tim Whetsone, and San Diego First Church pastor, Melissa Tucker, led a group in prayer over each seat in preparation for chapel this coming year.     


Sunday’s event concluded in Brown with a time of worship and a devotional from Norm Shoemaker, the Founding Director of the Center for Pastoral Leadership at PLNU. Ron Benefiel, Dean of the School of Theology and Christian Ministry, brought the evening to a close with a time of prayer and anointing over President and Linda Brower. 


Hosted by the Offices of Student Development, Spiritual Development, the School of Theology, the PLNU Alumni Association, and the Center for Pastoral Leadership, Sunday's Pray for PLNU marked the beginning of another exciting year ahead. For more information, visit PLNU's website.




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INDIANAPOLIS- Point Loma Nazarene University revieved notification from the NCAA Membership Committee that it has been recommended to the NCAA Management Council to become an active NCAA Division II member beginning in the 2014-2015 season.


To see the complete NCAA release and a list of all the universities that advanced in their transition to the NCAA click HERE.


The Sea Lions will now await the final step of confirmation, on July 21-22, before they are formally accepted into the NCAA.


Upon approval, there will be recognition of this landmark achievement on the Point Loma campus over the week of September 1-6 when all the students return to mark the first week with PLNU as a fully-fledged NCAA member.

Alum, PLNU

Point Loma Nazarene University proudly announces that its baccalaureate-level Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD) has been awarded five-year reaccreditation from the national Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND.) AND granted continuation of accreditation in July 2014, based on the extraordinary outcomes for PLNU’s DPD graduates and other standards of high-quality met by the PLNU Program.  Successful completion of the Bachelor of Science degree in Dietetics is the first step for the dietetics major to become a Registered Dietitian (RD.)  Students then vie for nation-wide post-baccalaureate internships to further their training and upon successful completion, must pass the national RD certification exam.

PLNU graduates who applied to dietetic internships in 2008-2012 achieved an 89% success rate in placements, compared to the national average of 50%. Additionally, over the past nine years 92% of PLNU alum-dietetic interns have passed the national exam on their first attempt.

Family & Consumer Sciences

All seven full-time faculty members in the Psychology Department, the Dean of the Colleges of Social Science and Professional Studies (Dr. Holly Churchman), and a psychology adjunct professor and women's soccer coach ( Dr. Tim Hall) and several students attended the 2014 Western Psychology Association’s 94th Annual Convention in Portland, Oregon April 24-April 27th. This is the 20th consecutive year that PLNU psychology department faculty and students have presented at a major regional psychology convention.

PLNU students and faculty were involved in eight presentations:


Butterfield, M., & Rookard, G. (2014, April).

Secrecy and Adult Legitimization Predict Bullying in Romanian Institutionalized Children.


Irwin Churchman, H. & Frith, C. (2014, April).

On Improving Critical Thinking in At Risk College Students.


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The Effects of Facial and Body Expressions on Approachability. 



Oakes Mueller, R., Leffel, M., Roth, V., Messier, M., Farinelli, A., & Galli Young, M. (2014, April).

Good Physician (2 of 2): Neuroticism/Burnout Inhibit Growth in Generosity.


Pendakur, R., Tibbs, J., Owen, C., Wu, J.T., & Oakes Mueller, K.L. (2014, April).  

Associations Between Childhood Attachment and Brain System Inventories. 


Tibbs, J., Von Striver, L.T., Pendakur, R., Owen, C., Wu, J.T., & Oakes Mueller, K.L. (2014, April).

Associations Between Childhood Neglect and Brain Pattern Inventories. 


Roth, V., Messier, M., Farinelli, A., Galli Young, M., Oakes Mueller, R., & Leffel, M. (2014, April).

Good Physician (1 of 2): Moral Elevation Predicts Virtue Development.


Wheeler, K., Correa, M., Irwin Churchman, H., & Hall, T. (2014, April).

Examining Cultural Cognizance in an Intense Abroad Experience: A Multi-Faceted Approach.






The PLNU Dietetics Program, in the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences, celebrated the Spring 2014 placement of six of its students into accredited dietetic internships around the U.S. Graduates who complete PLNU’s program receive a Bachelor of Science degree in dietetics and must move onto further training into year-long internships as the next step to become Registered Dietitians (RDs.)  Accredited internship programs provide supervised practice in multiple areas of dietetics expertise and include rigorous rotations in clinical therapeutic nutrition, community health promotion and food service management. Upon passing a national competency exam at the end of this training, individuals can then use the coveted RD designation.  

Nation-wide, accredited dietetic internships are challenging to obtain because of a shortage of slots; currently, only 50% of qualified baccalaureate graduates can be accepted, so the best students will be placed. Internships that accepted PLNU students this year include Rush Medical Center (Chicago), UC-San Diego Medical Center, Pasco County (Florida), Oregon State University, Utah State University, and San Francisco State University.  These students join a cadre of successful PLNU alumni who are now Registered Dietitians---20 since the program was accredited. Another three graduates will be RD-eligible, as they are currently completing their post-baccalaureate training. One dietetics-RD alumnus has also earned her Pharm.D, another is also a Physician’s Assistant, and three have completed their Master of Science degrees.

Since the PLNU FCS Department graduated its first students from its Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics-accredited program in 2006, 28 of 36 students who went onto apply for dietetic internships have been successful, a 78% placement rate compared to the national average of 50%.  Additionally, to date 95% of PLNU alumni passed the national RD certification exam on their first sitting, with a 100% pass rate for all attempts.

Family & Consumer Sciences

May 10th, 2014 marked the 109th Commencement at PLNU. There were three ceremonies, honoring 598 graduating students, held throughout the day in the university's historic Greek Amphitheatre. 

The celebrations began at 10am with the Graduate Convocation. Ron Benefiel, Ph.D., Dean of Theology and Christian Ministry at PLNU, offered a special prayer to the 235 graduate students.  

The first of two undergraduate ceremonies began at 1p.m., for the 275 students graduation from the College of Arts and Sciences, School of Education, School of Nursing. 323 students from the College of Social Sciences and Professional Studies walked across the Greek Amphitheatre stage at 4p.m. to accept their diplomas in the final, and largest, event of the day.

The keynote "Making the Point" address for both undergraduate ceremonies was given by Kim Hogelucht, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Business in the Fermanian School of Business at PLNU. The two ceremonies also honored each student with the highest GPA in work done at PLNU.  Biology Major, Dawn Michelle Gorel was honored during the 1p.m. ceremony for her 4.000 GPA and Accounting and Business Administration Major, Nicholas Michael Erze was honored at 4p.m. for his GPA of 3.997.

See pictures from the day’s events here

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