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Discipleship Ministries

PLNU is pleased to announce that Dan Bothe has been selected as the new dean of the Fermanian School of Business (FSB) at PLNU.  

Bothe joined the FSB full-time as an Associate Professor of Finance in 2009 after having served as an adjunct faculty member at PLNU since 2005. 

Bothe earned a BS in Accounting from San Diego State University and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Southern California. He is nearing completion of his Doctor in Business Administration (DBA) - Finance from Anderson University.  In addition, Bothe is a Certified Public Accountant (inactive) in the state of California.

To his role as dean, Bothe brings approximately 20 years of senior level management, management consulting, and accounting experience that includes capital market transactions, investor and lender relations, strategic planning, acquisition sourcing and due-diligence, process and procedures assessment and design, financial and operational forecasting, accounting and reporting, and risk management.  He has served as the Chief Financial Officer of several companies, has worked as a management consultant for both Ernst & Young and Paloma Advisors, and as an auditor at KPMG. 

Colleagues both internal and external to PLNU acclaim Dan as a man of deep faith with exceptional leadership skills, a capacity for creative and strategic thinking, and the ability to work well with people from a variety of audiences.   

“Dan has demonstrated excellence in teaching during his time at PLNU, and based on the passion and vision that he demonstrated throughout the interview process, I have no doubt that he will provide excellent leadership for the FSB,” said PLNU provost Dr. Kerry Fulcher. “I especially want to thank Dr. Ken Armstrong for stepping in as the interim dean and am excited to see where Dan will take the FSB and PLNU under his leadership” 

The Fermanian School of Business includes the Center for International Development and the Fermanian Business and Economic Institute. In addition, the FSB is the largest undergraduate school at PLNU, and also serves the business community by offering both part-time evening and one-year daytime MBA programs.

Bothe will begin his duties on July 1. 

External Relations, Office of Community & Government Relations, PLNU


Point Loma Nazarene University

Contact: Kalyn McMackin (760) 685-3312

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Advisor: Alan Hueth (619) 849-2358

Date: April 1, 2014

     Written by: Kalyn McMackin


“Pulling Strings” and “The Best Day of Your Life” Make it into 2013 Film Contests

Two student film projects, “Pulling Strings” and “The Best Day of Your Life”, were accepted into two local San Diego area film festivals this past fall, 2013.  “Pulling Strings” was selected by the Oceanside International Film Festival and “The Best Day of Your Life” was accepted into the San Diego City Beat Shorts Festival in 2013—both being rare yet rewarding accomplishments in student film production.

Marinna Martens served as the writer of “Pulling Strings,” a webisodes series about a group of teen girls who are actors and musicians in various bands and TV shows.

“The inspiration just came from taking their real desire to make it big in Hollywood and putting it on screen,” said Martens. “The series is about them starting a band and trying to get noticed by a big Hollywood producer. There's a cute, geeky love-interest in there as well which I added for their mainly preteen girl fan-base.”

Martens film was promoted by local media outlets, including the Jeff and Jer radio show and  San Diego’s KUSI news. Although her film did not win overall, she said that the experience was a reward in itself because of how much she learned. 

“I had written for myself before but not much for others so it helped me write with a certain goal in mind which is a great skill to have,” said Martens. “I was also the Production Designer on the set so I was involved with the entire production and working on a professional project taught me a lot about filmmaking as a business instead of just an art.”

 “The Best Day of Your Life”, created by Josh Vandermeer and Gerrit Hoeks, is short film about a bride on her wedding day who receives a message no bride ever wants. 

“As she's anxiously beautifying herself for her big day she receives a text from her ‘future hubby’ saying ‘I can't believe I'm doing this to you, but I'm just not ready to get married,’” said Hoeks, who wrote and directed the film. “Furious, she destroys her dress; ripping it, soiling it and eventually burning it. As she calms down next to the burning ashes that was once her wedding gown she receives another text: "Jk babe. Can't wait to marry you!" The bride screams. The end,” said Hoeks.

The short was inspired by a popular photo shoot idea “trash the dress” which consists of brides destroying their wedding dresses after the big day as a statement that they wont be need the dress again, an idea that Hoeks’ own wife participated in. 

Vandermeer served as the director of photography and said that, like every project, he learned something new. 

“We shot the film on a very pressing time-crunch, so it helped teach me how to make compromises and create a quality product in an efficient manner,” said Vandermeer. “Perfection isn't always possible when you're racing to keep light with the sun setting.”

For more information, contact Dr. Alan Hueth at or Kalyn McMackin at 

Communications & Theatre

Dr. Jody L. Roubanis, part-time faculty member in the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences at Point Loma Nazarene University was installed as incoming President of the California Affiliate of Family & Consumer Sciences for 2014-2016.

Family & Consumer Sciences

Dr. Nancy K. Murray who teaches Fashion & Interiors in the Family & Consumer Sciences Department gave 3 peer-reviewed presentations at the AAFCS Western Region Biennial Conference on March 29, 2014, in San Franciso, California.

Breakout Session 2: Community Building which included the example of Fantasy Football at PLNU

Breakout Session 3: The New Syllabus which centered on including Outcomes Assessment and making the syllabus user-friendly

Breakout Session 3: The ABC's of PowerPoint which focused on some common sense guidelines developed over 10 plus years of teaching students how to get the most out of their PowerPoint slides

Family & Consumer Sciences

The AAFCS Western Region Biennial Conference took place in San Francisco, March 28-29, 2014. Several PLNU Department of Family and Consumer Sciences students presented at this year’s conference.

Professor Susan DeCristofaro Rogers and Dr. Kay M. Wilder, along with students Rachel Baird, Jamie Scott, and Courtney Woo presented Preparing FCS Professionals to be Marketable in a Technology Savvy World in Breakout Session 1. The students shared their ePortfolios and LinkedIn files. They articulated their professional philosophy and professional code of ethics as well as examples of their body of work and practical application of their ePortfolios as developed in FCS 497 - Family and Consumer Sciences Senior Seminar.

Dr. Jody L. Roubanis and Adjunct Professor Toni Myers advised PLNU FCS students who presented undergraduate posters tied to their majors of Child and Adolescent Development, Interior Design, and Fashion Merchandising.

Presented Student Posters:

Early Metaphors in Faith Development: Mystics, Activists, Sages, and Holy Fools by Kendra Hennegen and Kathryn Carruthers

Implications for the Restructuring of CA-AFCS: What is in it for me? by Riley Rozeboom

Accessible to Mom: Making a House a Home for an Aging Parent by Danielle Sylvia

Morally Conscious Consumerism: Do We Think Before We Buy? by Madison White, Christy Wright and Payton Planiden

Family & Consumer Sciences