The PLNU 2016-2017 Diversity Council

Our Mission

The PLNU Diversity Council is a university wide council composed of faculty, staff, students who collaborate with senior administrators to create strategic plans and goals for diversity and will implement programs that will support and enhance our campus climate and increase student, faculty and staff diversity at all levels of the University in a manner consistent with our Nazarene Wesleyan heritage.

Diversity Council Charter

PLNU is guided by its mission and heritage in the Nazarene and Wesleyan traditions. Our mission inspires in us a profound respect for and love of the diverse cultures where we live, work, and study-both in San Diego and culturally diverse Southern California.

When PLNU speaks of "diversity", we encompass the dimensions of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, cultural background, class, ability, or national origin. Diversity, as we understand it, means that the institution's many constituents are a mosaic of people united by a deep and abiding respect for our Christian heritage.

Diversity is central to our mission and is essential to the health of our institution. A diverse university community of students, faculty, staff and board members enriches the learning experience for all, and prepares us for the multicultural world in which we reside. 

This commitment calls for the creation of the Diversity Council (DC). The Council builds upon the foundation of programs, research, and suggestions of many members of our community.

Consistent with the PLNU Mission and Core Values, the Diversity Council will:

  • Develop a strategic plan for diversity with annual goals to encourage increased recruitment and retention of diverse student, faculty, and staff.
  • Foster mutual respect, appreciation and understanding among the members of a diverse university community.
  • Disseminate information to members of the university community about "best practices" which encourage diversity.
  • Serve as a means of communication on diversity issues between and among the schools and other institutional units.
  • Assess the University's "cultural climate" and recommend changes based upon the data.
  • Sponsor programs and activities which encourage diversity.

The DC will seek appropriate funding from the University, foundations, and other external sources as a means to accomplish these initiatives.

The PLNU Diversity Council will be a university-wide council composed of faculty, staff, and students who will join me in a collaborative effort to create strategic plans and goals for diversity in alignment with our Christian mission and vision. This involves implementing programs that increase and enhance student, faculty, and staff diversity at all levels of the University.

Furthering our commitment to diversity may require changes in strategies and goals to fully realize the benefits of diversity by promoting effective communication, collaboration, and understanding among all stakeholders. The Council will use research and assessment data to increase the institution's capacity to achieve annual diversity goals, thereby helping the University to become a "learning institution."

Council members will seek to design a system of responsibility, accountability, and recognition for increasing campus diversity, improving the campus climate, and advancing the knowledge base for creating and sustaining a culturally diverse community. The Council will also assist in networking with diverse individuals who support our mission, making them aware that PLNU is seeking qualified applicants to become part of the PLNU community. The Council will encourage both internal and external collaborations and partnerships that will extend diversity and multicultural education to the broader San Diego community and surrounding communities of our three Regional Centers (Corona, Bakersfield, Mission Valley).

2016-2017 Council Members

Dr. Jeffrey Carr, ChairDr. Bob Brower, Ex officio
Dr. Jacque Mithell, Faculty Committee on DiversityEmilio Prieto, Student
Dr. Scott Shoemaker, StaffEmily Mowers, Student
Bruce Kunkle, StaffSarah Keung, Student
 Brian Becker, StaffZuri Rivera, Student
Harrison Wise, ASB President