Recommended Assessments for Learning Disabilities

Recommended assessments for learning disabilities and ADD/ADHD

A complete battery of tests administered by a qualified professional, including a narrative summary of the results and recommendations, should be submitted as documentation of a learning disability. The battery of tests should include at least one test from each of the following categories:

1. Intelligence (aptitude and cognitive tests-predicts level of academic achievement)

  • Preferred test – WAIS-III (Wechlser Adult Intelligence Scales)
  • Acceptable test – WJ-III (Woodcock-Johnson Psycho Educational Battery)

2. Achievement (measures current academic skills)

  • WJ-III (Woodcock-John Psycho educational Battery)
  • WIAT-II (Wechsler Individual Achievement Test)
  • TASK-Stanford Test of Academic Skills

3. For learning disabilities - information processing (short and long-term memory, sequential memory, visual and auditory perception/processing, or processing speed)

  • Memory
    • California Verbal Learning Test
    • Memory subtests of WJ-III
    • Wechsler memory scales
  • Visual
    • Appropriate WJ-III subtests
    • Bender Gestalt
    • Test of visual perception skills
  • Auditory Processing
    • Appropriate WJ-III subtests
    • Goldman-Firstoe-Woodcock Test of Auditory Discrimination

4. For ADD/ADHD - behavior observations

  • Conners' Rating Scale
  • Brown Adult ADD Scale

5. For ADD/ADHD - assessing attention

  • Conners' Rating Scale
  • Test of Variables of Attention (TOVA)

6. For ADD/ADHD - assessing executive function and memory

  • Rey Complex Figure Test and Recognition Trial