Audio and Video Duplication

Media Services duplicates audio and video media at a reasonable cost. Duplication orders may require a minimum of 3 days to complete.

The following formats are supported:

Audio Duplication:

Cassette Tapes: $1.50 each
CD-R: $2.50 each

Audio Transfers:

Cassette to CD transfer: $10.00 each
Video Duplication:
Customer supplied VHS tape: $2.50 each
Media Services supplied VHS tape: $5.00 each
DVD-R: $6.00 each

Video Transfers:

Self Service VHS editing station: No Charge
Mini-DV to VHS transfer: $7.50 each
VHS to DVD-R transfer: $10.00 each
Mini-DV to DVD-R transfer: $10.00 each


Audio tapes: $1.00 each
CD-R: $1.00 each
DVD-R: $2.00 each
Mini DV tape (60 min): $6.00 each
Mini DV tape (80 min): $10.00 each
DAT tape: $12.00 each


Media Services complies with Federal Copyright Law.