Applicable Catalog

The student is ultimately responsible for the fulfillment of all requirements for graduation in the Catalog in effect at initial enrollment. Those who opt for a subsequent Catalog, however, must notify the Records Office and advisor and then meet all requirements in that catalog. Students whose enrollment is not continuous (i.e. who have not been enrolled for more than one semester) must meet requirements listed in the catalog in effect at the time of re-entry.

Course Loads

The maximum credential course load is 17 units. The maximum graduate course load is 12 units. Overloads may be carried with the written approval of the advisor and the program advisor.


Faculty may initiate a de-enrollment for a student who has accumulated sufficient absences to threaten academic success in that class. The Withdraw from Graduate Program form is available on the Forms page. See the Catalog for full details.

Academic Honesty

If compromised, a failure is given in the assignment OR in the course. See the Catalog statement, and/or consult with faculty colleagues or your dean.

Undergraduate Course Transfer Rule

Courses from an undergraduate program with corresponding course content may be accepted as “content only” for graduate level work, but must be supplemented with PLNU graduate units. Content only course transfers must be limited to 6 units and do not apply to the total number of units required to complete a degree.

Transfer Credit

A maximum of 6 units of graduate transfer work from another accredited institution may be applied with the approval of the program director. These courses are transferred with no grade points associated (as a Credit/No credit course).


See the Catalog. Pluses and minuses also may be used. Both mid-semester and final grades are submitted electronically. Please note the courses that are allowed “In Progress” grades – and the time limits on these grading terms.

Change of Grade

Faculty may request a change of grade for a student, based on an error of calculation. The Change of Grade form is located in Forms Central on your computer. A paper form also is available in the Records Office. Grade changes should be submitted within one year of the course.

Minimum Grades

The grade of C is the lowest grade acceptable for graduate credit. (p. 23) Master’s degree students must maintain a 3.0 grade point average to remain in their program.

Probation (Academic)

One probationary semester is allowed should the student’s cumulative GPA fall below 3.0. If the GPA does not reach 3.0 or above by the end of the next semester, the student will be dismissed from the program.

Repeated Courses

Grades for courses that may need to be repeated for low grades will be averaged together.

Graduation Requirements

A minimum of 36 graduate level units is required (not including courses below graduate level) and a 3.0 GPA or above. Degrees will not be posted until all work is completed, all grades are posted, and all official supporting documentation is in the Records Office.

Degree Completion Time Limit

All requirements for a graduate degree and/or credential must be completed within an eight-year time period from the time of initial enrollment. Exceptions must be approved by the Program Director and documented in the Records Office.

Degree Posting

Degrees are posted at the end of the semester in which the student completed all requirements for the degree. If work is not completed within the semester, the degree will not be posted until the end of the subsequent semester.

Commencement Participation

The student may participate in Commencement if they can demonstrate feasibility of completing any projects/thesis or independent study in the summer session following participation in Commencement. A student may participate in Commencement once for any degree. 

Multiple Master’s Degrees

Only one Master's degree may be earned from each school/department at PLNU. Any exception to this policy must be approved in advance by the Graduate Studies Committee and the Vice Provost of Graduate Program Support.

Withdrawal from the University

Students who discontinue attending must officially withdraw from the university by completing a “Notice of Intent to Withdraw from the University – Graduate Programs” form. They will be assigned “W” grades if receiving passing grades at the time of withdrawal, and “WF” grades if not passing.


Students who have withdrawn or been administratively withdrawn from the university must apply for readmission. Students are administratively withdrawn if they have not registered for courses for two semesters (Fall and Spring) or are completing work for an In Progress course.