Bill Due Dates

Payment of tuition; fees; and on-campus room and board charges is due by the following deadlines:

Fall 2016 semester: August 1, 2016 

Spring 2017 semester: January 6, 2017

Prior to the payment deadline each semester, the enrolled student will be sent a Statement of Account (a comprehensive printout showing class schedule, semester charges, and expected financial aid). The Statement of Account (Bill) also serves as the invoice from which payment should be made. Subsequent bills for that semester will be available online through PLNU’s student and parent portals at, showing all activity on the student’s account. 

Each month that there is a balance owing, students will receive an email advising that the e-bill is available to view and pay online. The e-mail will be sent to the student’s official university e-mail account.  

Students will be assessed a 5% late fee if there is an unpaid “net balance” on their account after the semester payment deadline (see above).

If a student has authorized other individuals (such as parents, guardians, a spouse, or third party sponsor) to have access to his/her financial information, these individuals can set up a “parent” portal at in order to view the bills.  This will also enroll the third party to receive e-mail notifications when a new statement of account is generated each semester.

How to view your bill

  1. Login to
  2. Click on the Students tab
  3. Under Financial Services click on Statement of Account
  4. Click View Bills - The most recent statement will be listed directly under the Official School Bills and Statements.

To generate a new bill (to see any changes to your student account between official school bills) click on Generate a New Bill at the bottom of the window.

Changes to your bill

There are many reasons changes to your bill can occur throughout the semester.  Changes in registration and fines are some of the charges that could affect your bill.  Review your eBills regularly on my.pointloma.eduClick here for more information on specific charges.