Friends of Forensics is an independent charitable association of the graduates, faculty, family and friends of the Forensics program of Point Loma Nazarene University, San Diego, CA. It is related to the University as an Auxiliary of the Alumni Association. Friends of Forensics is self-governing, self-supporting, and self-perpetuating.

To borrow from the very successful model provided by PLNU's Research Associates Auxiliary, Friends of Forensics recognizes the Bibilical principles of love and charity, and the important of expressing these principles by contributing our lives and resources to other. This organization gathers and unifies its members around the gentral purpose of contributing to the professional and spiritual development of the undergraduates and facult of the Forensics Program at Point Loma Nazarene University



The purposes of Friends of Foresnics shall generally coincide with Article II Purposes of the Constitution of the Pasadena/Point Loma Alumni Association, and more specifically strive to help meet the needs of the PLNU Foresnics Program members and friends, both past and present. To implement this mission, Friends of Forensics shall:

  • Provide a continuing fellowship among forensics alumni, family, and friends.
  • Provide a channel for transmitting the Forensics' program needs to the auxiliary.
  • Provide a channel to communicate news of recent accomplishments and whereabouts of past and current Pasadena/Point Loma forensics members.
  • Actively support the PLNU Forensics program through prayer, financial contributions, judging at tournaments, providing student internship or employment opportunities, and networking for other professional services as the needs arise.
  • Provide opportunities for undergrarduates to become acquainted with alumni and friend and thereby gain firsthand experience based upon their expertise, and more specifically to show how forensics training helps develop pertinent professional skills.
  • Provide occasional support such as housing, meals or judging for various tournaments around the country.
  • Provide scholarships for forensics students, many of which could not otherwise attend PLNU or might otherwise be forced to quit forensics to seek part of full time employement to finance educational expenses.
  • Promote continuing scholarship and professional development for forensics faculty members through providing grants to attend professional conferences, and/or stipends to help coaches or assistant coaches to pursue graduate studies.
  • Provide undergraduates with coaching, training, and subject matter assistance where needed, as coordinated by the Director of Froensics, perhaps through the Forensics Fellows program at PLNU made up of faculty and outside experts that occasionally coach our debaters in their areas of expertise.
  • Assist in recruiting promising prospects to the University and the Forensics program.


For more information, visit the departmental website.