The purpose of MUSICALumni is to bind together the graduates and former students of Pasadena College and PLNU and to further the best interests of the University. Specifically, the Association seeks to:

  • Provide a continuing fellowship among Alumni
  • Provide a channel for transmitting the purposes, needs, and spirit of the University
  • Provide an organized means for giving financial assistance to the University
  • Provide an organized means of encouraging prospective students to enroll at PLNU
  • Provide a means of communication between Alumni and the University.

Additionally, it will:

  • Provide services and resources for the Department of Music
  • Provide increased financial aid to PLNU and especially to the Department of Music
  • Provide continuing education and/or enrichment experiences for members of MUSICALumni
  • Provide financial assistance to students in preparation for professions in musics
  • Perform any appropriate function which will benefit the Department of Music at PLNU

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