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Rugby Associates is an auxiliary of PLNU's Alumni Association. It exists to promote the ongoing mission of the PLNU Rugby Club:  to enjoy the game of rugby and spread the word of God simultaneously. 


The purpose of the Rugby Associates is to support the work of the PLNU Rugby Club through fundraising and alumni networking. To fulfill this purpose, we will:

  • Pray for the players and families of all players and alumni
  • Raise funds for the ongoing needs of the PLNU Rugby Club
  • Sponsor clinics and retreats for spiritual development and missions
  • Sponsor clinics and retreats for the development of rugby skills
  • Facilitate the ongoing support of the PLNU Rugby Club and their efforts

All those who played for the PLNU Rugby Club and their supporters are Rugby Associates. Please continue to support this great club!                              

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PLNU Rugby Club Homepage: Student/Rugby Player Information, Schedule, and Club History.

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