Hello and welcome to one of the most important years of change this ministry has seen in a very long time!  We are in year 46-still alive and kicking-doing what this group has always done best…improving the life on the PLNU campus and touching the lives of every student who walks through the gates of this incredible university.



After several votes-from our Executive Board, our members at large, and our 2013 luncheon participants, I am pleased to announce our new name.  We are now “Women’s Auxiliary and Friends”!  This means that no matter whom you are-a student, a parent, alumni, male or female-you can feel comfortable being a part of our team.  And, we welcome you.  Come One.  Come all!  And, thanks to all of you who voted.  We appreciate your input and help.



Our annual meeting and luncheon was held on Sunday, April 28, 2013 at the beautiful Talega Golf Club in San Clemente.  Our theme was “Driving Forward…A Golf Tee” and was attended by almost 100 men and women.


This was our second year at Talega and we, once again, enjoyed the lovely Signature Room overlooking the golf course.  The weather was absolutely perfect which made looking out the floor to ceiling windows a pleasure.  Our tables were beautiful, simple, and “outdoorsy”-with lots of little golfing touches.  Personalized golf balls for each guest and colorful “voting buttons” (more on that later) added the finishing touches.  Michael Voorhees, the caterer at Talega, blew everyone away again with beautifully decorated drink and food tables placed along the gorgeous windows.  We added our now famous candy table, which overflowed with yummy and greatly sought after treats.  Seriously, this is the highlight for many!  We also added gift tables for all of our donated prizes and a spot for a beautiful Women’s Auxiliary memory book done by our own Barb Kennedy for people to look through and enjoy.  We were all pleased with another very tasty “early supper” and the great Talega service.


Our devotional speaker was Dr. Jeff Bolster, Dean of Students and Director of Residential Life at PLNU.  He was the perfect choice following our Residential Hall enhancement project.  He gave us a very meaningful talk about the importance of ministries such as ours, how we directly affect the students and the difference that caring for them makes during their time at Point Loma.  There were some hilarious stories, memories from his time on campus, and touching words of God’s love, protection, and power.  We felt very blessed to have him join us and blessed to know he is the kind of Dean these students have.  Thank you Dr. Bolster.  You were awesome!


The big highlight of these Talega luncheons is our Helicopter Golf Ball Drop.  Each person in attendance was assigned a numbered golf ball (and many purchased extra ones-money going directly to our project fund).  These were placed in a large basket, picked up by the helicopter, and dropped over a hole on the course.  We actually had one ball fall into the hole and this hole in one winner received a cash prize of $250.  Other prizes were given out for closest to the hole and even one for the farthest ball away.  We had great donated prizes like four rounds of golf at Talega, Talega brunches, gift baskets, gift cards, a stay at the Dana Hotel in Mission Bay, Sea World tickets and cash.  Some of these were given for signing up as a member of our Auxiliary.  Thank you to Talega and to those who donated prizes.  It is always great to give away so many.


We are always blessed to have representation from our wonderful PLNU Staff in attendance.  Thanks to Dr. Bob and Linda Brower, Dr.’s Caye and Bruce Smith, Sheryl Smee and Kelly Mitchell for taking the time out of your busy schedules to join us.  We always appreciate having you with us and your kind, generous words of support and encouragement.


Now, back to the “Voting Buttons”…We were each given a colorful button and asked to place it in one of 3 jars-each representing another name choice for our new name.  It was a fun, creative way to do this and to get this voting process started.  It takes much approval and several different votes but we have a winner!  Women’s Auxiliary and Friends will catapult us into 2014 and beyond.  So exciting.
We also did something else quite monumental at this luncheon.  We installed a male member on to our Executive Board!  Wow.  This was huge-groundbreaking!  And, we are all so excited.  Welcome Darrin Roberts-our 5th Vice President in charge of Publicity and Marketing.  You are a great addition to our group and we feel so blessed that you chose to join us.


All in all, this second annual meeting and luncheon at Talega was great.  Big thanks go to Barb Kennedy and her hardworking luncheon team for making it all happen.  Thank you to Talega and to Michael Voorhees for another beautiful day, all the help you gave us and the wonderful donated gifts.  Thank you to those who worked to make this day special and to our very generous prize donors.  This includes our local chapters.  We cannot do these events without you.



All of our local chapters are looking forward to another beautiful San Diego day for our booths on Saturday morning, November 23, beginning at 9:30.  These booths will be up until about 3:00 that afternoon.  Hope you will join us in raising money for our project by buying something these hard working groups have brought to sell-yummy food, hand made items, special gifts and more.  We will also be on stage once again Friday night at the Variety show-giving our first check for our new project to Dr. Brower.  Come out and support us there as well.



Our new project-just finalized and voted on by our newly appointed Executive Board-will be a two year, $50,000 commitment to the plaza between the new science buildings.  Stay tuned for the announcement of the official name for this project at the Variety show during Homecoming.



I am so excited about the direction this ministry is going and so proud of all of the men and women who make what we do possible.  Supporting this great, godly University and its students is easy to do and so worth the time and effort we put into it.  Join us.  Become a member.  Buy something at one of our booths during Homecoming.  Order a cake or cookies for a student or staff member.  Attend an event.  Join our board.  You will be so glad that you did it-that you made a difference-that you cared enough to see a ministry like this continue.


And, welcome to all of our new Executive Board members, members at large, cake bakers, and helpers.  We are glad to have you on board.  We have a lot to do to raise this next $50,000 and much work ahead to push to that $2,000,000 mark.  Dr. Brower has challenged us to not only hit that mark but to keep on going to $3,000,000.  Let’s get going, Ladies and gentlemen!  Let’s trust God to help us and to multiply our gift and offerings.  Let’s get excited and pass it onto others.  This 46 year old ministry-started by just six ladies with a desire to make a difference-is worth our time, effort, and talents.


And, as always, thanks for giving me the opportunity to lead this ministry-to serve this University and its students-for another year.  It has been a great group to be a part of.  I am very excited for the days ahead.  Blessings to all of you and may those who come behind us find us faithful.


Kathryn Kietzke