President’s Corner 2014

Hello and Happy summer of 2014 to all of you!  We are in year 47 of this amazing ministry-doing what we’ve always done-improving the life on the campus of PLNU and touching the lives of every student who walks through the gates of this incredible University.

And, this is what I would like to call our “Game Changing” year.  We’ve already changed our name to Women’s Auxiliary and Friends-which includes everyone-male-female-alumni-parents-students.  You are all now included and welcome.

But, we need to do more-to change further-IF we are to stay a viable ministry.  We want to not just survive.  We want to THRIVE!  How do we do that?  First, we need to regroup mentally and emotionally and find our passion again.  What is the thing that motivates you to keep on doing this ministry?  For me, it was having our first granddaughter.  Kenna Gabrielle Kietzke was born in January and changed our lives.  SHE has now become one of the strongest motivational factors out there.  I want PLNU to be “thriving” 18 years down the road-for her.  So, what or who motivates you?  What is your “Game Changer?”  There is always another person who needs a place like this to attend college-next year-in 5 years or 10.  And, we need to make sure we are still doing our job of University and student support for them.  Find your game changer and join me.  It’s worth it for them.

Next, let’s refocus and regroup physically-in the ways we make our money.  How can we succeed in this new time-with this new generation of givers?  What can we do and what will it take?  What does fund raising today look like?  What do people want and need and how can we provide it?  This physical regrouping also means continuing to bring in new people with fresh vision, talent and energy.  Who can we find to fill the needed roles or help us out?  And, who can benefit from being a part of this ministry?  

And, lastly, we need to continue to pray-for this ministry, for the University and its leaders and teachers, and for the students-the ones here today and the Kenna Gabrielles of tomorrow.  We can’t lose with God as our team captain and at the heart of every move we make.  So, keep praying, grab your game changer, and let’s get moving!


Luncheon 2014 - Talega Golf Club - April 6th - “For the Science Plaza”

This was our third year at beautiful Talega in San Clemente and we had another wonderful day.  There was perfect weather, over 100 men and women in attendance, delicious food, and a fun Hawaiian theme.  We chose this particular theme in honor of our guest musician, Kyle Furusho-a senior at PLNU.  He would be graduating just a few weeks later and we were blessed that he took the time to join us in this busy season of his life.  And, what fun he was!  He played his guitar, ukulele and sang.  He was awesome!  Thanks Kyle.  Blessings on your future.

Our wonderful devotional of the day was given by PLNU’s Chaplain Tim Whetstone.  He did a perfect job of leading us into God’s presence and sharing fun and heartfelt thoughts with us.  We were so glad that he and his wife could join us and feel blessed to know this fine man is in charge of teaching the students each week at Point Loma.  Their lives will and hearts will surly benefit from his spiritual leadership.

Another speaker was the incoming ASB president McKensey Wise.  She was adorable and reminded us exactly why we do what we do-for students just like her.  We wish her much success with the year ahead.

Dr. Joe Watkins greeted us on behalf of the University as well as Sheryl Smee, our Executive Director of Alumni Relations.  We so appreciate their attendance as well as their kind and wise words of support and encouragement.  Dr. Joe was presented our check for our current project.  We also heard a few quick board reports, project updates and gave away several very nice door prizes.

One fun highlight of this afternoon was the Silent Auction we tried for the first time this year.  We had over 20 very nice gifts donated and raised almost $1500.  How great is that?  Several items were very popular and hotly contested-which made for some great fun.  Thank you to our gracious donors and our wonderfully generous buyers.  You make a difference.

Thanks also goes to our lovely luncheon chairman Barb Kennedy, Laryna Gregario-Ceballos or handling hospitality and seating, Myrna May for another incredible candy table, Darrin Roberts for our programs and or all who helped decorate with our beautiful orchid and shell theme.  Good job as always.


Our current project is a $50,000 commitment to the Science Plaza and we are moving along nicely towards our goal.  We gave $12,000 at Homecoming 2013 and  $7,000 more at our luncheon in April.  We were also given a blessing of some “found” funds ($19,600 unused rom past projects) from Point Loma.  Added to our current giving, this brings us to $38,600-leaving a balance of $11,400.  Pretty exciting!  We will be voting on the exact direction of these funds at our August Board Meeting.


Saturday, August 16th

This meeting is always so much fun.  We love gathering on the PLNU campus and enjoy seeing what we do in person.  It is hosted by Linda Brower.  She and Myra Fisher feed us a nice breakfast snack and a lovely luncheon after our meeting is over.  Thank you ladies.  


Our incredible, hardworking team will gather on campus again in November and we may have some new surprises in store for you.  Stay tuned!  We need everyone’s help to make this another successful money raising year-so, Ya’ll come!  See you Homecoming Saturday-Bright and early!


Thank you so much to all of my executive Board members, members at large, cake bakers and helpers.  We can’t do this ministry without any one of you.  As I always say, YOU ARE this ministry.  It is a blessing and privilege to work along-side of you.

We’ve got much work ahead as we meet our next project goal and continue to push towards $2,000,000.  So, let’s get going!  There are students out there who need us to stay focused and involved.  It is for our Lord and for this place and or the students of today AND tomorrow.  To God be the glory and may those who come behind us find us faithful.


Kathryn Kietzke