President, Kathryn Kietzke,
First Vice-President, Program/Nominations, Barbara Kennedy 
Second Vice-President, Membership, Tania Moeller, 
Third Vice-President, Projects, Myrna May,  
Fourth Vice-President, Area Coordinator, NorCal, Polly Johnson,  
Fifth Vice-President, Publicity and Marketing, Darrin Roberts,
Corresponding Secretary, Jeanne Kall,
Treasurer, Susan Brownlee,
Recording Secretary, position vacant

Committee Chairpersons

Devotions Chairperson, Arlane Heart,
Hospitality, Laryna Gregorio-Ceballos
Nominations, Barbara Kennedy 
Decorations, Donna Gunter 

Chapter Chairpersons

High Desert, Marjorie Goslaw 
Long Beach, Joan Miller,  
Orange Co-Chairs, Shirley Schulz and Danica Golden,  
Whittier, Jeanne Kall,   
Baldy View, Arlane Hart,  
San Diego, Heather Hills and Emily Vaughn 


Past President Advisor, Myrna May,
Past President Advisor, Marjorie Goslaw
PLNU President's Wife, Linda Brower
PLNU President, Dr. Bob Brower
Project Advisor, VP of External Relations, Dr. Joe Watkins
Director of Alumni Relations, Sheryl Smee