Alumni Area Events

Each year our PLNU Alumni Association hosts events in various cities across the United States. We appreciate the times you have visited the PLNU main campus in San Diego, but now we're coming to you!

To volunteer for an event in your region, contact


Alumni & Friends 2015 Area Events

Walnut Creek, California - April 11th

Washington DC - May 18th

Honolulu, HI - June 20th

San Diego, CA - June 27th

Sacramento, CA - August 15th

We visited these locations in 2014

lots_of_alums.jpgBakersfield, California - March 23rd

Denver, Colorado - July 26th

Phoenix, Arizona - August 8th

San Diego, California - August 16th

Albuquerque, New Mexico - October 11th


We visited the following locations in 2013

Phoenix, AZ - January 19, 2013

Honolulu, HI - February 9, 2013

Oakland, CA - April 20, 2013

San Diego, CA - June 8, 2013

Indianapolis, IN - June 22 (General Assembly)

Los Angeles, CA - July 27

Sacramento, CA - August 3


Questions? Contact the Alumni Office at 1-800-4PT-LOMA (1-800-478-5662).