Science Campaign Update

Hello PLNU Science Alumni!

Last month we  began construction of the new Science Facility - and the campus is a-buzz! Our beloved Boney Hall has been demolished and crews are working to prepare the site for construction. In the next few weeks footings for the foundation will be poured and we’ll see the footprint of the facility start to take shape! Did you know we have a 24/7 live webcam? [Click here] to see what’s going on right now!

Dr. Michael McConnell dons a hard hat!

For this month’s construction update video, Dr. Mike McConnell dons a hard hat and shares his excitement while standing where the new biochemistry lab will be constructed!


We’re excited to report that for this $24.5 million facility, we need to raise just $3.7 million more - and we need YOUR help! We're at the point where every gift counts. Please give to help us wind up this campaign and stay on track to hit our move in date of Fall 2015.



PLNU students who have science-related majors


Admittance rate for PLNU students who have applied to medical, dental, optometry, pharmacy, and veterinary schools (national average: 40%).

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