Prepare for the post-college life

The Offices of Strengths and Vocation Mission Statement for Career Coaching

To enhance student’s ability to secure an academic plan, integrate comprehensive tools for transitioning to the world of work, and incorporate strategies for furthering the educational experience.

After you graduate, you want to find a job that is fulfilling and meaningful. The Offices of Strengths & Vocation offers you the opportunity to develop a deep understanding of your strengths and learn to holistically apply this knowledge to discover your purpose and life calling.

Career Coaching and Resources

Watch our videos on networking, cover letters, resumes, how to dress, and dining etiquette.  Click here to start watching.

Assessments can increase your awareness of your interests, values, and educational goals. They will also provide recommendations for occupations which seem well suited to the type of person you are today.

We offer the StrengthsQuest, Myers-Briggs, and the Strong Interest Inventory.  To learn more about the assessments, please contact our office to set up an appointment.

Strengths Programming

Get informed about your strengths, how to interact with others that do or don't share your strengths, and find out what careers may fit your strengths.

Employment, Internships, and Volunteer Opportunities

Learn more about the process of finding and securing a job.

Browse our frequently asked questions, and search opportunities for jobs, internships, and volunteering. 

Networking Opportunities

The Offices of Strengths & Vocation provides students with many opportunities to get connected with professionals and learn more about their chosen field. Learn more about networking opportunities.