Bob Goff “Love Does” hits the New York Times Bestseller this July

Monday, September 10, 2012

PLNU celebrates with our adjunct business law professor Bob Goff as his new book Love Does hit the New York Times Bestseller list the last two weeks of July.  In Love Does Goff tells incredible stories from his life about how love is an action, how he and his family have dreamed seemingly impossible dreams and seen them come true with the power of love and faith in God's love for us.  Proceeds from Love Does benefit Goff's nonprofit organization, Restore International, which combats human trafficking.  Congratulations Bob on writing and living a bestseller!  You are an inspiration for how to impact the world in amazing ways for good.

Katie Leptich, Business Administration senior at PLNU's Fermanian School of Business, was in Professor Goff's Business Law class in Spring 2012.  She says "Bob Goff's class was one of the most enjoyable classes I've taken at PLNU.  Bob has such a joy for life that shines across his face every day and spreads wherever he goes, even in the classroom.  He genuinely loves his students and cares about our learning but above all puts God first and showed us how to live a holy life while becoming successful."

When asked what has impacted him the most from Professor Goff's class, Joseph Davis, an International Development Studies alumnus (2012) reminisces, "Bob Goff teaches to the soul.  If you really learn from Bob Goff, you simply cannot live an unhealthy life.  If you live his motto, 'Be Awesome', you can't be unhealthy physically, mentally, or emotionally, and from there, everything else comes simply naturally."

Bob certainly makes loving life appear to be naturally effortless.  He carries with him a youthful enthusaism that is contagious.  Buy Love Does today and read for yourself how to love like Bob does, and how to love like Jesus loves us.