Melissa Tucker's article on Mexico/USA co-nourishment is published on the Engage magazine

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Melissa Tucker is the associate director of International Ministries at PLNU.  In this article Tucker writes on how her understanding changed about service in Mexico:

"What I hope to honor in telling this story is that the “mission field” is a place of reciprocal giving; that gifts lovingly and selflessly given – certainly in the form of the churches and sidewalks I referred to before – elicit an equally loving and selfless gift back of welcome and gratitude from the recipients... Looking back over the eight camps PLNU and the Northwest Baja District have offered together in my time at PLNU, it’s easy to track the increase of the sense of co-nourishment among the U.S. and Mexican coordinators, teen participants and college-age leaders. We’ve learned to be more honest with each other, and how to be better neighbors. We’re tackling how to ensure that leadership is as shared as possible. Each camp is more bilingual and accessible to both cultures than the one before."

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