PLNU’s 11th Annual TV and Film Festival Caps Off The Year

Thursday, May 15, 2014


Point Loma Nazarene University

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Point TV: Channel 23 

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Date: May 15, 2014

Written by: Ross Nederhoff


PLNU’s 11th Annual TV and Film Festival Caps Off The Year.

The Communication and Theatre Department hosted its 11th annual TV and Film  Festival on Thursday, May 1st, 2014. Students, parents, faculty, and friends gathered in PLNU’s  Salomon Theater to watch many of the media projects that were created throughout the year.


The night, which kicked off around 8pm, began with a word from Professor of Communication, Dr. Alan Hueth who stated the overall tone of the year. “It has been great to see the ongoing teamwork and dedication in our students’ projects. That will definitely pay off for them in the long run,” Hueth said.


A collection of samples from several of Point TV’s shows were the first to be shown. These included the best of Coastline News (a bi-weekly live newscast), Acoustic Showcase (a live musical performance program), Reel Students, a a behind-the-scenes look at the making of PLNU student films, and Loma Sports Tonight, a monthly sports show.


The evening continued with screenings of multiple student films. The first was Parallax, a film that was chosen as the best of the introductory level course, which tells the story of a stalker who eventually finds out that he is stalking a criminal. The next films, which were produced by Media Communication majors in an upper  division course, featured a number of different plot lines. These included movies such as Tuition, the story of a boy who must perform an incredible task to stay in school, Loud and Clear, a touching story of loss and healing, Nocturne, a chilling experimental piece, and No Strings Attached, a fun and meaningful take on one man’s destiny. After the content had been displayed, the awards ceremony took place. Awards in every category from concepts, to directing, to visuals, to production were given out. A complete list of winners can be found for reference at the bottom of this page.

The last two awards were especially significant, though, as they honored the work of one student in each major (Media Communication and Broadcast Journalism) who was particularly outstanding throughout their time at PLNU. Senior Josh Vandermeer was awarded the “Excellence in Media Communication Award,” and expressed gratitude and blessing for the award. “It's been a complete blessing to be able to work, learn, and grow into a more wise person through the past four years. I don't see the award as an affirmation of personal achievement, but simply a reminder that I have been blessed with the opportunity to strive my hardest alongside other great students,” Vandermeer said. 

Senior Jacob Roth was awarded the "Carol LeBeau Award for Outstanding Student in Broadcast Journalism Award”. Carol LeBeau, a former San Diego news reporter, anchor, and personality has been applauding PLNU students for the past nine years with this unique accolade. “It was a pretty wonderful feeling to win the award and to hear the applause from my classmates and friends. I've worked very hard the last few years, and it's good to know that I have the support of the people I've been blessed to work with.” said Roth in regards to his distinction. 


Best Film Director: Caleb Daniels for Tuition!

Best Screenplay: Amy Nordberg for Loud and Clear!

Best Editing: Angel Zamora, Caleb Daniels, and Josh Vandermeer for Tuition!

Best Director of Photography: Juan Iniguez for Loud and Clear!

Outstanding Film Scoring: James Bishop for Tuition and Loud and Clear!

Best TV Performer: Nikki Holguin!

Best News Anchor: Kalyn McMackin!

Best Reporter: Greta Wall!

Best Intro Project: Ross Nederhoff, Ricky Zollinger, Mackenzie McCullough, and Jenna Hussey for Parallax.

Best Film: Tuition (Caleb Daniels, Angel Zamora, Ricky Zollinger, and Josh Vandermeer)

Outstanding TV Writing: Caleb Daniels for Motion Capture Promo

Outstanding TV Editing: Macy Douglas for Journeys: Evie Anderson

Best TV Director: Jacob Roth

Best TV Show: Sea Lions Basketball

Leadership and Service: Greta Wall for Coastline News, Erich Rau for Point TV, and Julie  McKibben for Point Radio

Excellence in Media Communication: Josh Vandermeer

Carol LeBeau Award for Outstanding Student in Broadcast Journalism: Jacob Roth


For more information regarding the Film Festival or for more details on awards, please contact 

Alan Hueth at or Ross Nederhoff