OnRamps Collaborative

Education and Vocation as a Pathway to End the Exploitation of Human Trafficking Survivors

The Center for Justice & Reconciliation leads the OnRampsTM initiative, a collective impact modeled project that brings together organizations across our region to provide better access to educational and vocational options for survivors of human trafficking. Understanding that financial security is a key factor for survivors to permanently leave a life of exploitation, the OnRamps Collaborative promotes the holistic support of survivors as they build new lives. For more information about the OnRamps Collaborative view our whitepaper

OnRamps Collaborative Infographic

Past Programs

7 Week Free Educational Training Series

Jessica Kim, MSW and Keelin Washington covered the secrets to college success during this 7-week series! This free educational series equipped survivors who are interested or thinking about pursuing an educational path. Each week covered a different topic of what challenges typically arise and how to overcome them.

Gallup Strengths Finder 3-Week Series

The Gallup Strength Finders is a personal development tool which provides an individual with their top 5 strengths. Participants discovered their natural patterns of thinking, feeling, relationship building, influencing, and behaving and use of their own personal strengths and talents to achieve their ultimate goals.

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