For Graduate & Degree Completion Students

Here at PLNU, we place topmost importance on ensuring that our community of students, faculty, and staff are together and safe. We have developed a long history of exemplary care and successful strategic planning around COVID safety practices that are in accordance with state and county guidelines.

Our Plans for Fall 2023

PLNU is planning for another healthy and vibrant year on campus! Based on reduced hospitalization and/or complications due to high vaccination and booster rates within the community, better available treatment options, higher population-level immunity, and current scientific knowledge of mutations in the virus that are associated with milder illness, PLNU is well-positioned to move toward a more endemic way of life with COVID-19.

During this more endemic phase, if local conditions change and public health officials determine disease severity or incidences have increased that pose a threat to the greater community, we will adjust our plans accordingly. We'll continue to closely monitor our regional public health data, provide additional cleaning and improved air circulation across campus, encourage masking when ill from any illness, and provide high-quality medical care to all members of our campus community.

What to Expect

(Last Update: August 18, 2023)

  • Prior to arriving on campus, we strongly encourage students to take an antigen test. 
  • We're currently not requiring a COVID-19 vaccination for the fall 2023 semester, though we strongly encourage you to verify the requirements of the campus you’re attending.
  • Symptomatic and exposure-based testing will be available for the students through the PLNU Wellness Center. 
  • Students who test positive will be required to isolate per CDPH guidelines. Isolation processes will depend on the student's home location.
  • For students wishing to update their COVID-19 vaccination status, please provide documentation to the Point n Click app.
  • Individual academic programs may have additional or different immunization requirements due to the nature of the program or the requirements of external partners. This includes, but is not limited to, internship, clinical/field experiences, or PLNU programs offered at partner sites. All students participating in such programs will be required to meet all applicable requirements.

If you are symptomatic or test positive immediately prior to return, please notify the Wellness Center. On campus medical care is available Monday through Friday by contacting or (619) 849-2574.


  • We do not require the COVID-19 vaccine, however, we highly encourage you to make choices in partnership with your healthcare provider to protect yourself and others.
  • The CDC has indicated that vaccination and boosters dramatically lower the risk of severe disease or death from COVID-19.
  • Vaccinations/Boosters in San Diego and California can be made by scheduling an appointment. 
  • PLNU will host vaccination clinics as soon as boosters become available. Please look for additional updates from the Wellness Center.


Our affiliate Community College campuses may have specific requirements that are different from ours and must be followed as such. As requirements change, you can keep up to date with each specific campus through the following links:


As a reminder, all members of the PLNU community will be required to report to the Wellness Center or Human Resources if they test positive for COVID-19. Any student/staff member who tests positive for COVID-19 will be required to follow CDPH isolation guidance.

  • Individuals will remain in isolation for a minimum of five days from their positive test date or symptom onset.
  • They must be fever-free with improving symptoms for at least 24 hours. A negative antigen test is no longer required prior to being removed from isolation.
  • Individuals who are released from isolation on day five are advised to use a mask for the next five days.

While we are moving to a more endemic season of COVID-19, we are prepared to reinstate our demonstrated mitigation efforts to keep our campus communities safe and healthy. We will continue to update our COVID-19 webpage and send out community updates as needed.