Coronavirus Information for the PLNU Community

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Reporting and Data

This report will be updated weekly on Tuesday mornings and represents our most current figures.

Positivity Rate is defined as the percentage of total positive tests for the virus out of the total number of tests performed.

On-Campus Student Positivity Rate is defined as the percentage of residential students who test positive for the virus out of the overall residential population. Fall 2020 residential population is 783.

Individuals who test positive for COVID-19 are placed in isolation for 10 days from onset of symptoms or from the date of COVID-19 test and/or for three days after last symptoms. Individuals who have had prolonged exposure to someone with COVID, or who are themselves suspected of having COVID but have not received a test result, are asked to quarantine. A quarantine can last as long as 14 days, depending on the circumstances.

These tests are conducted by the PLNU Wellness Medical Team. All students, faculty, and staff who plan to live, learn, or work on campus will be required to take an initial COVID-19 test. Surveillance testing will continue indefinitely and individuals may request a test if they are showing COVID-19 symptoms. All tests are administered using the PCR (polymerase chain reaction) and/or antigen point of care test.

Update: On October 15, the County of San Diego partnered with PLNU in a surge testing of four residence halls on campus. 367 tests were performed. Through this testing, only six positive cases were identified. All positive individuals have been moved to isolation and contact tracing has been conducted both by PLNU and the County of San Diego. The information below currently reflects up-to-date information from this testing surge as well as PLNU's ongoing surveillance testing program.


Updated Oct. 27, 2020 at 9:10 a.m.

Total # of
Active Cases


Total # of Active
Cases On-Campus


Total # of
Employee Cases


Total # of
Student Cases


Total # in


Total # of
Tests Performed


Total # of Pending
Test Results


Cumulative Positive Tests

(since 8/1/2020)


Positivity Rate


Total On-Campus Student
Positivity Rate


*including County of San Diego tests