Kimber Ely

Graduate and Professional Studies Enrollment Counselor
Mission Valley

While I was born in California, I really grew up in Mexico. I spent about nine of my early years in Sonora, Mexico. My childhood was full of adventures. From driving my own four-wheeler from the age of 5, to living in a trailer on the beach, my life in Mexico taught me to be very independent and resilient.

When I was sixteen years old I decided to move in with my mother, who lived in Greece. I lived on the island of Crete where I met amazing people, and ate lots and lots of AMAZING food. Leaving Greece was like leaving a piece of my heart…but the journey of life must continue! From there, I moved to Iceland of all places, which was a very unique experience because I do not like the cold! Nothing has quite beaten the beauty of Iceland, however, so the cold was worth it.

My biggest culture shock was when I moved from Iceland to Augusta, Georgia. I had lived outside the Unites States for so long that stores open twenty four hours a day three hundred and sixty five days out of the year was such a foreign concept! Georgia was a wonderful place.

With GA in my rear view mirror, San Diego was my next stop and it is one of my favorite places I have lived.
Traveling (surprise, huh?), photography, exercise, and food are my biggest passions. I look forward to my next adventure!

Fun Facts

I have gone skydiving twice and have also gone hang gliding.

Favorite Quote

“If you walk the footsteps of a stranger you will learn things you never knew.” - Pocahontas 


B.A. in Organizational Management, PLNU